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April 20, 2015
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E. Harton answered to a pretty big Q&A session on social network today. Here is the original post on twitter. Nearly 120+ questions were addressed: from the new renderer release to base building features, let’s take a quick look at the DayZ future…

Tech Q&A: Vehicles

Vehicle Repair (Batteries, wheels etc…)

  • It’s planned for Q2, requires the new inventory matrix. (source)
  • Soonish, 1 or 2 months probably (source)

Vehicle Inventory

  • When inventories are implemented on vehicles, after new inventory matrix for entities is in (source)

Additional Vehicles (including the Ikarus)

  • Yes, Ikarus (Bus) will be drivable
  • There are vehicles planned before the end of the year
  • More Vehicles Added: 0.57+

Firing guns out of vehicles


  • High likely before the end of 2015

Tech Q&A: Crafting & Base Building

Craft-able Tents and Shelter

  • Yes something is in plans, no details yet.

Base Building

  • Yes and no, its not gonna be huge buildings all over the place
  • It’s a rather longterm goal, not anytime soon. No details to share
  • No plans on underground bunkers/bases yet.
  • Building Barricade: Probably after summer

Crafting Tables & Advanced Crafting

  • Wait for the news 🙂 we have something in the works

Tech Q&A: Food & Cooking

Picking Fruit

  • No plans on removing animation yet

Recipes & Storing Food

  • Food recipes & packing cooked meals in jars: Maybe, no plan yet./li>

Cooking Without a Cooking Pot

  • Yes, guys aim to introduce such option

Tech Q&A: Weapons


  • It’s done internaly 0.56 release probably?

Additional Weapons

  • Maybe. No confirmation yet.

Winchester 70

  • Implementation in 0.56 confirmed

Tech Q&A: Programming

Zombie/Animal Number

  • We are going to balance numbers based on tech we are able to bring in, now its 1k. With more performance maybe 2k+

NPCs/Enemy AI

  • No NPCs/Enemy AI

Player Population

  • We might get to 75 player soonish, but its a design choice. We dont want cluttered servers.
  • When beta will be out, it will probably support 100 players
  • No “60 players server” soon
  • Its a complex problem, player numbers will increase when about 10-20 changes tech wise are done. There is much to do

Player-to-Player Item Trading

  • After new player character (porting character to new physics, new animations system, controller)

New Renderer ETA

  • Internal testing, late may

Multithreading Support (CPUs)

  • We hope to change that with more tech so, yes

Identifying Other Players

  • Design decision, not a tech issue

Bears & Foxes

  • AI not done yet
  • Fox just got added into game today (internaly)

Render Distance

  • Well maybe, its not a tech issue but a design one. If we force the same playing field or not

Wounded Player Animations

  • No “Zombie Crawl Animation” for players. But there will be wounded player animations in the future

Zombie Decapitation

  • Shooting zombies in leg make them crawl: Yes.

Medical Tools & Medicine

  • There are plans for a change in medical mechanics. i.e. surgical tools, preventive medicines and adjustments on current healing

AMD / ATI Optimization:

  • That’s up to AMD after we implement our stuff

Tech Q&A: Servers & Administration

Restart Intervals

  • 12h/24h Restart before 1.0 Release
  • No ETA on more Admin tools. Game first, servers second

Admin Tools

  • There will be no tool to teleport/spawn etc.

“Hardcore” Mode

  • It’s done, we just need to provide options for server providers

Player Queue

  • Waiting list for server full is planned

Tech Q&A: Miscellaneous

0.56 Experimental Release ETA

  • More like friday (April, 24th)

0.56 Stable Release ETA

  • First week of may probably (without New Renderer)

Game Controller Support

  • Full game controller confirmed. No date yet.

Expanding the Map

  • No “Map Expansion” in that sense planned


  • Yes, Kinda, Yes

Player Beards

  • Confirmed, no ETA yet


  • Yes megaphone is happening, we do hope to get acoustic effects in (resonance, reverb…)

Player Statistics (Leaderboards)

  • leaderboard including player stats, how long player has lived, kills and deaths confirmed

New Zombie Models

Detailed Character Customization

  • Not really

Military Tent Inventory Fix

Steam Workshop Integration

  • Steam Workshop integration will be implemented before 1.0

Big thanks to Tatanko for the huge work of data gathering