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June 12, 2013
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Finally we can show you an in-depth demo of DayZ Standalone. Matt Lightfoot walks us through a lengthy demo of what’s new in the standalone. From crafting to motorbike helmets, this is the definitive DayZ video you’ll see out of E3 2013.

We’ll also be bringing you Part 2 of our reveal later in the week – you’d best subscribe! 😉

Dayz standalone new features

  • 90% of buldings are enterable
  • The amount of locations for loot to spawn will be very high, but the spawn-rate will be incredibly low.
  • “Commit Suicide” will be possible. Right click on a weapon in the inventory, then “commit suicide”, “are you sure?”
  • The humanity system is not in the Alpha
  • F7… F8 to F12 is reserved for Facial Gestures
  • There will be no “Random events” (Downed helicopters, Abandoned campsites)
  • More immersion : No UI or HUD
  • Messages at the bottom left corner : “You are recieve,” “Your foot is sore,” “You’re bleeding” + Sounds
  • Over hundred new items
  • Zombies spawn at the server Start. Cleaning a town will be possible
  • Random hordes confirmed
  • Targeting thounsand new weapons at the Standalone complete release
  • Bullet penetration & kevlar vests, kevlar helmets
  • North of Chernarus is now more attractive
  • Central servers will manage loot spawn rate & general economy (to prevent loot farming)
  • Server “Lock-out” to prevent server hoppers
  • Melee weapon is way better now
  • Vehicles disabled in the early alpha release
  • You can shoot & break people weapons
  • High-scope, military weapons will be in there, but they’ll be very rare spawns
  • Global loot spawns, so there’ll only be a certain amount of them in the whole world
  • Weight system *maybe*
  • Crafting system is really deep. It’s one of the key new feature
  • You could add poison to a canteen bottle, and then give someone the canteen bottle
  • If someone shoots you and you’re wearing a shirt, then that shirt is going to get damaged
  • The more you run around, the more damaged the shoes get, and you’ll need to find new shoes
  • User-created maps (Sahrani, Namalsk, Taviana) can be ported to the Standalone
  • Server files available to all on release


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