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October 18, 2015
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Here’s a compilation of questions from the community and answers provided by Brian Hicks (Producer) on the DayZ Forums. Huge thanks to r/zverus for this work.

Are the Chernogorsk high rises staying or are they being removed?

They are here to stay.

What has changed in regards to the reasoning to improve the way a player executes actions (e.g. eating rice, as shown in one of the videos)? I remember when such feature was speculated to be too taxing for server-performance.

Absolutely nothing – as far as I can recall this has been a very long term goal that required significant change to the engine. All in all the actions are still powered mostly by script. Of course new stuff is written in Enscript, which is 300% faster than SQF. Although, the impact on the server should be negligible.

Could we turn off all kinds of PP effects separately but still “enjoy” effects that implicate some status like health? Also make the blood shown as some other effect than desaturation.

I’ve really been on the fence about this, and to be honest I’m still undecided if you should be able to fully disable postprocessing. The title communicates critical information on the status of your character via this effect.

Do you have all the info what is going to happen to parts of the map or is the work of senchi/ivan/theMapTeam hugely autonomous so that they always have some “larger” surprises left for you and the rest of your team?

I’m aware of, and collaborate with Senchi and his team when it comes to Chernarus. However, I strongly believe in letting Senchi and his team do what they feel best – as they have clearly shown to be artisans when it comes to world design.

How likely would be map expansions if these would stay quite “simple” e.g. areas representing huge natural reserves without the need of much infrastructure/buildings/etc.?

We currently have no plans for expanding the Chernarus Plus map.

What’s the current status on the new animation system?

Still being created – when I have a good chunk of info ready to talk to people about, you can be certain I will!

Is the USMC jacket going to spawn in 0.59?

Shouldn’t be an issue – so I’m going to say yes sir.

How many infected can we expect for 0.59? (A few month ago you said that atm are spawning 1300 and you expecting for 1.0 more than 2000)

We’ll have to see how they perform – ask me after a few experimental builds have been out.

Are there any plans for adding a option to color the winchester? (like the mosin & blaze)

I have to sync with Chris and Scape to see the status of the procedural coloring – not certain right now.

In 0.58 the char is getting sick after eating cooked meat, its already fixed internally for 0.59?

Yes sir, as of the last build I checked it was looking good to go.

How many of your team are proofreading the descriptions of items? I never found a mistake 🙂

Aside from the designers creating the configurations for the items, proof reading on that stuff is well below the bug bar right now.

Could you tell me the number of trees in chernarus?

I can get you that answer during the week – I’m doing the Q&A from home on the weekend 😉

When are players able to shoot through bushes?

I hate this bug, with a passion. I want it slayed before we leave Early Access.

Whats the current status of the slug ammo?

Different ammo types per weapon are pending support in engine by the gameplay programming team.

Can we expect smaller Animals in the Future? (Snakes, Mice)

It would be nice, and something I’d like to do for sure – but I don’t want to over promise here. So lets say – it’d be cool, but if we did it it would be after 1.0.

A few Reports earlier you mentioned generator (electricity) – Could we expect buildings (like the hospital) with electricity (Light from bulbs etc.)?

I need to sit down with my Lead Designer Peter and come to an agreement on how the generators would interact with existing static structures.

Parachutes – YES/NO/Maybe


I’d like to spray some graffiti in Dayz with the spray cans in DayZ – Can I expect something like this in the future?

Lets chalk that up to a “Would be awesome for a post 1.0 patch

Will there be some infected right in the first push of .59 experimental, or do they come back with the stable patch? Will those infected get the new AI and animation system implemented, like in the youtube video “Zombie Horde Test”, Peter loaded up in March 2015?

Yes, infected will be spawning in stronger numbers with the first 0.59 exp. The infected AI was completely replaced ages ago, the old AI and Sensors do not exist anymore.

In the new introduced gapless animation system, will it be possible to repair a part of a car, for example the wheel, take a break, and then continue repairing at the same point where you stopped?

As I said in the Status Report – the design team has a big pile of actions to completely rewrite in Enscript, so we’ll see as they get to some of those actions how we’ll handle them.

The damage of different vehicle parts… AWESOME!!! But I hope if its implemented, a door of a V3S will take more than two or three shots with an AK before it falls apart. Am I right?

I hate to sound like a broken record, but just like the Status Report mentions – the behavior in the video is for demonstration and testing purposes. Obviously balancing on the “hit points” for each of these parts will have to occur.

Are variations of dynamic events planned? I mean something like, you see a helicopter in the air flying around and then it crashes instead of just spawning somewhere? Or an abandoned survivercamp with lots of infected and maybe some civilian supply? Maybe we see some stuff like that? Later? After Beta?

We have no soldier AI to pilot vehicles, and no plans for it. I firmly believe if you see a vehicle being operated, or a survivor moving – it needs to be a real person – not a predictable AI.

Could you please clarify a bit this statement:

“As of this report the Engine team is focused on post processes and making sure that we have visual parity making sure the visual quality is at least the same as the original renderer.”

as it seems it created some confusion in people’s mind (myself included). 🙂 New renderer will ultimately look better than the current one, correct?

We’ve been saying this for probably over a year – we’re aiming for visual parity initially. Once that is achieved, we’ll see where we can go from there.

Will bodies ever be movable/transportable (like dragging them or putting them in body bags that can be put inside vehicles)?

Being able to drag players, and their bodies is critical to gameplay opportunities in my opinion. Yes sir, that is most definitely something we want to enable players to do.

I’m assuming shoe/boot changes will give rise to footwear like the leather moccasins for stealth and combat boots/hiking boots for durability. If that’s correct, I’m looking forward to it!

That is the intent, making sure the engine supports it will be critical. However, the new sound module should allow us far more complex audio configuration options.

Is the vehicle destruction system similar to the ragdoll system we currently have? If so will damaged/broken parts (doors/hoods) be accessible upon falling off? Any of the parts salvageable after falling off?

Well, they are related in that they both use the same physics system yeah. As far as utilizing destroyed parts that fall off, I don’t really view that as critical. Its a level of depth that we just shouldn’t be chasing down at this point (in my opinion) – after all these are destroyed and unusable. Like a pair of ruined shoes, its trash – and we have so much to keep track of already. 🙂

In regards to the animation/item interaction changes: Any sort of negative effects (planned/known) that can occur when letting said key go too soon while interacting with a specific item?

Nothing planned at this time, aside from the obvious things like not applying a bandage if you don’t complete the animation I suppose.

What are you/the team looking forward too most with the upcoming 0.59 update?

I’m personally looking forward to the increase of players per server instance.

Is transitioning from .PBO to .FBX format still planned?

I think you mean P3D to FBX? If so, yes.

Hey Brian. Is there any word on advanced cooking? While it’s impressive to see rice now being eaten as a function of mouse click, we must still not forget that it is still uncooked, hard rice that is inedible in real life.

Just as soon as I have something ready to show you guys, I will!

Also, follow up questions. Long, long ago, there was a Steyr AUG A3 (with rail) in some datamined files. When will it appear in game?

No plans on that right now.

Can we expect the FAL and G19 in the 0.59 update?

No sir, not 0.59

Also, LOOOOOONG time ago, grenade launcher attachments (M203 Short and GP-25, together with their scope attachments) have been found in files. Will they be introduced with the weapon update?

Which weapon update are you referencing? Just so we don’t get our wires crossed.

Will the mentioned weapon functionality updates be part of 0.59 Stable?

Assuming you’re talking about the mentioned changes in how reloading and chambering work – right now its looking like partially – but I anticipate the functionality as described for 0.60.

Woodland pants have been showcased by Chris recently. Will there be a Woodland M65 jacket?

More than likely, yes sir.

Have you guys ever considered doing cloth/netting helmet covers? They could be craftable (you can find a jacket or netting of the desired color or pattern, then you just cut it out and then apply sewing kit to it), and would fulfill the military look significantly. Also, it only needs to be done for two types of helmet (Ballistic and SSh68).

Considered it sure – I don’t think thats very high on the to do list though 😉

Is it possible to see the visors on certain helmets (Pilot, Gorka and Motorcycle) to be movable? Right click – lower/raise visor? Same action like on ATLAS Bipod.

Possible yes – Not sure if we’ll get around to that anytime soon though.

On the roadmap barricading comes before basebuilding but barricading seems to have fallen by the wayside ever since the fortified camp concepts were shown. Is barricading buildings still planned?

Barricading is still very much something we want to do, right now the team is just focused on other deliverables.

I haven’t seen much mention of the advanced crafting system (not crafting benches) recently, I think there was talk about a system similar to Stranded Deep were you put all the items you want to craft together in a pile on the ground, hold the right tool in your hand and then select what you want to make out of the raw materials. Is some method of crating more than two things together at a time still planned?

You haven’t heard much on the advanced crafting / customization lately because it is dependent on the new UI. Once that is fully in and playable we can start rolling out things that require it. 🙂

How complex is the medical system going to get? When will wounds require more attention than the 1 rag cure all?

I’d like to save this question for a fully fleshed out proper answer in a Status Report. Needless to say, it will get at least a little bit more complicated. How far that will go will be covered in a future SR.

Will the zombies be more concentrated and in more numbers on the coast and cities?

Should be, given their current spawning quantities and regions. However, the intent is for that to change – will be speaking more on that next SR.

Plans on giving players more incentive to explore?

Aside from tracking down vehicles, establishing camps, hunting player camps, acquiring high risk/high reward gear, not off the top of my head.

Will supressors be more harder to find? (As they are too common in 0.58)

Suppressors are very rare as it is – the issue is with known duplication methods being exploited.

Will the gun sounds have a “echo” kinda sound to them when in a “long barn” for example, like in the video?

We’ll see – I’m hoping that functionality will be supported when we get the new audio module.

I really like the hold down mouse key to eat and let go to stop, will this apply to chambering a round with the CR527 for example (let go of key to chamber)?

I’m going to sideline this question, as we’re currently working on both new mechanics for loading/chamber/reloading – AND the move for actions to Enscript.

Will the military barracks (Vybor military ones for example) be tweaked for 0.59?

VMC (as the players call it) – No we have no plans for adjusting per building maximums right now. That said, as I’ve mentioned before – I’m definitely interested in trying weapons being more common, and ammunition being the rare commodity.

Will the new damage system be in the first experimental iteration? What other new tech will be in the first iteration?

Likely no – the answer to the rest really depends on what issues are still present in the build when it hits experimental.

In the future, will we see bullet holes with blood on bodies where our shots impacted?

This would be pretty cool, and blood shouldn’t be too much of an issue – but we’ll have to see if this falls within the scope of 1.0, or comes as a title update/patch post 1.0.

Are you planning to increase just the possible spawn-points or the number of spawning crash-sites as well? And do you expand the locations on the east side ?

The quantity of crash sites can be tweaked dynamically through the Central Economy – their locations require an actual script/data update. I plan on increasing the potential spawn points. Some in the East, more than likely yes.

Will we be able to loot the sunken ships in the harbor?

I suppose we could add memory points to the model for the sunken ships and spawn some appropriate items on it, sure. I don’t see why not.(As long as the reason, and execution is rewarding and not just because it looks cool)


Sadly – no. Hell, I used to think that would be amazing myself, I remember seeing it at E3 20..12? Maybe – and thinking it was amazing. However everything I’ve heard from the Arma team is that it was a total pain in the ass to pull off, and caused more problems than gains.

How many infected can we expect and how much mechanics have change and are they new “chernarus fashion” zombies with lootable items?

That is entirely dependant on how 0.59 exp runs with them. No mechanics changed, they still have the same new AI and Sensors that they do in 0.58. Lootable infected? Not yet.

Doors, hood, etc. Will we be able to take them off with tools?

Any part that can fall off, can be taken off. Yes sir.

Is EnScript similar to SQF? (By syntax)

Far closer to C++

Question: Has any thought been given towards releasing the SA GDD?

No. Or, rather Yes – but no? I feel like that answer does not make sense.

Will the interiors get an overhaul so they’ll feel less cookie cutter? On that note, I recall from way back there was discussion on barricading and furniture having physics rather than being static models. Is this something still being considered or was that just a rocketism?

We don’t have anything cookie cutter, everything was made by hand – by some awesome artists. Repeating models, textures, etc is just a reality of game development. Especially in larger worlds.

We don’t have any plans to change static objects in structures to active dynamic physical objects at this time.

Why don’t you guys freeze the screen on the client as soon as it looses connection to the server. That would fix the lagswitch or any random desync that happens on a client. Counter strike has it like that and its impossible to lagswitch there or kill someone because someone has shitty internet or downloading porn.

Honestly, at this point in time I’m going to remain tight lipped about network infrastructure, and security. There are a lot of things in flux right now, and I’d like to play my cards close to my chest -for the time being-. That said, thank you for the feedback though.

Is shooting from vehicles still in plans? Will there be more commercial vehicles like pick-up or vans (like ones in mod). Last night I played latest Origins mod update and new thing is that you need different tools for repairs of different parts. Since we have all those already in game, will it be like that in dayz? Can’t change tire without tireiron,or battery without small wrench and screwdriver.

Yes sir – we talked about it at PAX Prime infact. (Shooting from vehicles) As far as more vehicles, yes – more are planned but it is important to understand that DayZ Mod had the large variety it did because it pulled from Arma 2 – which itself pulled from several scrapped projects in addition to its own planned vehicles.

Yes, we plan on requiring different tools for different types of repairs.

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    I would love to see more of these Q&A’s with the dev teams. I have to say though that I am really disappointed with the development of DayZ. And I know that its ALPHA and believe me I love this game but all Hicks said was just open ended answers that can save his ass when the stuff isn’t implemented. And the roadmap for 2015 is nothing close to what actually happened in 2015. This is my opinion though and rome wasn’t built in a day but I just wish DayZ was on the ball with their plans.

  • Profile photo of Argetlam

    I don’t care how people say things bad about Day Z Stand Alone and Brian and his team but as ı see and as ı feel this game will be best game of every year. It started as little developed game but look noe. From the start you have so much things . You are getting suprised every talk every report . I really feel Day Z is like real llife. When ı play ıt , ı think and ferl like it is real world . Even ı see someone my heart startes to get faster and ı got thousands and thousands things in my head. I get nervous and at the same tıme ı feel happy to meet with surviver. It doesn’t matter how much i ı get killed , how people try to troll the game but every time i play day Z Stand Alone i feel like it is my home . It is new day in real survival life.
    Yes game has problems but ı always believ that Brian and his team will make game better and batter after they out of Beta , game will be best survivel , horor , , simulation of the last 20 year. I am sure about that . I believe you Brian , it doesn’t matter how things get bed i believe you .
    ( Sory for bad English )

    • Right there with you buddy . Their are times where I feel like i live in this game. I have my camp , I have my daily tasks of fishing , or going hunting. Maintaining my garden. Or paroling the area for trespassers. Just wish things where better balanced out , Such as a garden plot should take all day rather than 20 minutes to grow. Or stay growing for days if maintained. Providing more reasons for camp site building and maintenance.

    • Dude, almost everything you said I felt the same
      , especially about seeing players my heart races. Also the gun shot sounds when you’re getting shot at sounds realistic, not like what you hear in the movies or whatever they give off that loud snap noise etc. DayZ really changes fps shooters for me. Glad I could relate man.

    • Profile photo of TdiBgd

      I fell the same way,Brian and your team thank you for the game. I think this game will be number 1 for a long time, yes it has some problems but i love to play Dayz and i think it is only going to be better and better. Keep it up Guys.

  • Profile photo of Jim

    I think the dayz sa team are doing a good job on the game , after seeing what they have to put up with what some players want to see in the game . It seems to me that players want the whole world in this game .having to deal with carp from players is counter productive.

  • Profile photo of Mr.Yin

    2000 infected in 1.0 ? I hope that doesnt be like that because 2000 is not a lot on the whole map of chernarus…

  • The only questions I want answered are..
    When/Will we see pet dogs ? With basic functions such as Follow/Stay And proximity alarms for player /zed notifications when with in X radius ?

    Will we ever be able to ride horses ?

    And will wildlife ever get collision . ie If hit by a running cow , you take dmg similar to being run over by a car ?

  • Profile photo of TwinIvan

    Will we see 2 holes balaclavas in game? Other thing are there any plans on adding leg pistol holsters or like pouches that will give you more space or even knee pads that can protect you from breaking a leg or something. Pleaseee i need this things in game critical for me. Lets face it we all think legs on characters look really empty and they dont take advantage of the possibilities. Please answer

  • Profile photo of Burning Cherry

    I was thinking about the graffiti paint aswell, kind of pointless but think it would be really cool and immersive.

  • Thanks for this Q&A!
    Wish they would do it more often with different People that work on the poject.
    Like allready said the answers are very political.

  • I have to say the thing im most disappointed for that the Brian doesnt see is that there was a time in dayz where you had more military places to see and visit in dayz some examples that are now useless to go to are the NE airfield, Balota airfield, prison Island, Kamanka barracks, Zelengorsk barracks, Vybor barracks, and military jails. Since all these places i have listed spawn crap for breakfast. There were so many fun places to see and fight at but now all there is is people camping NWAF tents and rarely myskino tents. Brian please hear me out! Fix your bugs, add vehicles, and most importantly bring back some of these high military loot places and you will see more positive feedback and more people start to play your game again. You guys are leading this game into something with a negative future. People need to move around for a cause of finding people in more variety locations not two hot spots. Please get to work on this!

  • This game is not only going to kick ass once it’s finished, but it’s making us part of it during its development. Kudos for those optimistic people and gg for those who are not!