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May 1, 2013
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Download directly from Dayz Commander (mod size: 1.3GB). Official mod website :

Dayz Origins 1.7 Features :

  • Female heroes added.
  • Feminine Bandits added
  • Feminine Zombies Added
  • New Survivor made vehicle Bath-mobile added.”
  • Better Anti-dupe & Combatlog system
  • Protect Lock home – Temporary use house inventory And also secure Home listing added.
  • You could use the temporary house Gear for “Trading purpose ” – then your can trade without the worry of ppl stealing your stashed loot.
  • Salvage broken cars – capability to removed parts after cars. (Should read complete info)
  • Flip overturned car – The bigger the car is actually, A lot more survivors should push it ( flip it back )
  • Protect Lock home – Temporary use house inventory And also secure Home listing added.
  • You may lure Some other survivors And also imprison them As part of Your very own garage.
  • Brand new Anti Combat log features added.
  • Hatchet are now able to snap randomly whenever collecting timber.
  • Pickaxe are now able to snap randomly when collecting rock.
  • New loot spawns in Sabina.
  • Much more holes added In order to fences As part of Dubovo and Krasnoznamen’sk airports.
  • Some Other Performance Modifications.


Bug Fixes:

  • Password prompt on garages then appears As part of stage 3 as it should.
  • Houses Build restrictions reduced In order to 100 meters separated from A strong urban area.
  • Objects in fields no longer obstruct Home construction.
  • Titanic And also every one of the Some other vehicles can now cross Bratislav bridge.
  • Survivor APC inventory access fixed
  • Survivor APC wheels this time disappear After destroyed.
  • Firetruck overturning issue solved.
  • Praga-copter fixed. Team is actually now vulnerable in.
  • Plan bug fixes As part of Sabina.
  • Zombies now Spawn A lot more As part of Sabina.
  • Performance increase As part of Sabina.
  • ‘Vertex shader From limits’ error fixed.
  • ‘ST coordinates’ error flood fixed.
  • Disused railway electrical poles As part of Vinograd removed.
  • 4 automobile rims at Byelov petrol station removed.
  • Bandit amount 3 Home no ‘sleep’ action issue resolved.
  • Auto As part of Sabina hospital hallway removed.


Intruder Punishment – Kidnapping players

  • If some Definitely one Glitches inside Your very own house – he / she will likely not be adequate In order to get out until your shoot him
  • For Professional players that are good at deceiving others – now You Could lure players And also lock them inside Your very own garage
  • Postponed feature In order to 1.8 : Kidnapping players by knocking them out (using special tranquillizers) In order to render them unconscious and carry them to Your very own automobile


Combatlog / repeated Disconnects:

  • Really penalty for fight log is actually to give combat log abusers no cause In order to choose so, If you disconnect during the course of battle Your very own character remains in the world for 45 Seconds , during the course of This particular duration .. zombies or perhaps Some other players might kill you.
  • When disconnecting commonly from game , Be sure In order to disconnect As part of home or perhaps As part of safe and secure Put.
  • When Your very own connection drops during beat or during the course of normal game play unfortunately you will suffer from the exact same penalties since there is not a option to distinguish combat log and natural connection falls from servers. You possibly can always blame it Through your ISP or perhaps your router ..

Salvage car parts & fuel

  • You possibly can Just Salvage Car parts with good level – 80% or perhaps Much more, You will definitely not feel able to salvage parts after cars with fully damaged engine or perhaps fuel tank parts etc etc.
  • Take Heed ! Cars without engine or perhaps damaged engine below 10 % health Definitely will burst if your try In order to turn engine on – ( especially When the vehicle have fuel )
  • For Fixing / Salvaging cars you are going to constantly really want a toolbox