Shared by Tatanko on June 17, 2015

This is a simple, easy-to-follow reference tool for hunting and fishing in 0.57. The basic mechanics have not changed much, so if you’re already familiar with how to hunt and fish in DayZ then you’re good to go. This guide is not intended to teach you how, as there are plenty of great resources out there for exactly that purpose — instead, I aim to help you locate and bag some wildlife as fast and easy as possible.

Important changes have been made to the amount of each kind of resource that you obtain from skinning any given animal, and in particular pelt sizes have changed. Many pelts are now much smaller than they used to be, which means it is easier for you to carry them in your inventory until you’re able to acquire lime to tan them into leather. Pelts aren’t the only thing that’s changed, however: many of the larger animals now give you slightly less meat also. Rabbits, chickens, and fish are unaffected by these changes, however.

The challenge with 0.57 is simply locating an animal in the first place. Trapping can be a very frustrating experience with a high chance of failure, so be warned that you’ll need a lot of patience to find success in obtaining rabbits. Everything else that must be sought out ranges from very little difficulty to finding a “needle in a haystack.”

Domestic animals are most easily found near towns closer to the coast, with the best example being Msta. In that town, in a fenced-in yard on the western edge of town, you will find chickens, goats, pigs, and sheep with ease — what combination and number of those animals that you find is pure luck based on the server. If you’re simply looking to harvest resources and aren’t concerned with the sport of the hunt, then the fields around Berezino are your best bet for finding the common and hearty cow.

Wild animals are where the real difficulty begins. You may stumble upon a chicken at random in the wild of course, but animals like boars, deer, and especially foxes can be a pain to track down. Boars can be found in many of the wide open fields in southern Chernarus, such as the valleys around Kozlovka, Nadezhdino, Mogilevka/Vyshnoye, Staroye, and Msta. Ditto for deer. If you’re looking for a fox, you may be relying on luck: they seem to be the most random of all, with no established consensus on where to look for them.

Below, you’ll find a listing of all the resources that can be obtained from each kind of animal in 0.57, along with a handy description of what each resource can be used for in crafting or cooking at the bottom.

Big Game
1. Boar: 4 steaks, boar pelt (2×2), animal lard, pile of guts, 5 bones
2. Cow: 5 steaks, cow pelt (2×3), animal lard, pile of guts, 10 bones
3. Deer: 4 steaks, deer pelt (2×2), animal lard, pile of guts, 7 bones
4. Goat: 4 steaks, goat pelt (2×2), animal lard, pile of guts, 4 bones
5. Pig: 4 steaks, pig pelt (2×2), animal lard, pile of guts, 4 bones
6. Sheep: 4 steaks, sheep pelt (2×2), animal lard, pile of guts, 5 bones

Small Game
1. Chicken: 2 breasts, 20 feathers, (small) pile of guts, 2 bones
2. Fox: 3 steaks, fox pelt, pile of guts, animal lard, 5 nones
3. Rabbit: 2 legs, rabbit pelt, (small) pile of guts, 2 bones

1. Carp: 2 fillets, (small) pile of guts
2. Sardines: not currently able to be prepared (can be eaten whole)

How to Use the Resources
1. Meat (steak, breast, leg, fillet): Can be cooked a variety of ways and eaten as nourishment.
2. Pelt: Can be tanned into leather using garden lime, then crafted into a variety of leather clothing and other items.
3. Pile of Guts (large): Used as a substitute for rope.
4. Animal lard: Add this to a cooking pot or frying pan instead of water.
5. Bones: Used in crafting to create a fishing hook or arrowhead.
6. Feathers: Add these to a sharpened stick along with arrowheads to create a bone arrow.

NOTE: Small pile of guts is still not configured for any known use.