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July 14, 2013
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“Experience DayZ the way it’s supposed to be”. DayZero is a DayZ mod which overhaul the original DayZ gameplay experience and stick as closer as possible to the original feel.

DayZero contains many new features : Expanded world, balanced weapons, new gameplay features, fixed bugs, optimized performance, more enterable buldings, and much more.

The final version DayZero 1.0 will be released near the end of July 2013

Available for download via
EU Whitelist:
US Whitelist:

DayZero 1.0 Launch Trailer

DayZero New map : Podagorsk

DayZero 1.0 will be released with a new map called “Podagorsk”. Chernarus will still be hosted & payable both on US & EN servers.

You can already download the map via Armaholic (as Arma 2 map) : Download Podagorsk for Arma 2
  • 6 cities/villages, Rivers, Lakes, Railroads
  • About 600000 objects
  • Custom ground textures
  • More dispersed and lower grass clutters
  • DayZero : More enterable buldings
  • DayZero : Optimized for Dayz servers
  • DayZero : Some changes like debris around the map


DayZero Podagorsk Map : High-res


DayZero Podagorsk Exclusive Preview

About enterable buldings in DayZero

The dev-team of DayZero has done such a great job, they rewrited more than half of the original Arma II/DayZ code to improve performance and provide the best experience possible.

Here is some screenshots of the enterable buldings in this mod.