Shared by Zodiac on January 19, 2016

Joined a random RP server the other day. it was too funny to see cherno is filled with tires.. so i i had an idea to make a tire shop.. it was so awesome that i think half of the server just came by and had a good time… after that some people started joining in just to see who the tire shop owner is. and instead of saying friendly. the started saying tire shop. i felt so proud with my 3 security team, the worked for me for no pay.. and my two workers worked for 10% of rice bag for every tire, and a bunch of random shit thrown on ground just for the friendly people.. i sold a tire for any kind of food. kept my shop going for like 3 hours. until some hacker with winchester started killing everyone..
i want to thank everyone who was friendly to me and everyone else.. it was a sight seeing you people laughing and just hanging out next to my shop..
thank you all who worked , defended, or just came to say hi..
and remember.. no shots allowed in the shop area..
hahaha hell.. i felt like one of them epoch traders for a sec. lol