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    Sadly, the DayZ map is very monotonous. Of course, they did a great work by creating a very realistic world based on the homeland, but I would rather see a fictive world with more diversity and special landmarks.

    I imagin a world with a huge mountain area with snow all around. There would be only a few (official) ways up and some villages in the mountain. Some caves and also a tunnel through the mountain. A huge river which crossed the land and only 2-3 bridges. You had to choose, get wet by swimming across the river or maybe travel a longer distance to the next bridge. There is also the risk that bandits camp those bridges. I want islands far away from the main land, which can almost only be reached by boats (would need ~15min or longer if you swim). Something like a desert or wasteland with no water. A swamp and a city which is half underwater.

    There are so many awesome concepts…

    I’m really excited about any custom map if modding is supported.

    (btw, awesome picture 😉 )