The Basics

Picking up some basic stuff for you next journey at the servercamp north of Dubky.


Taking a break north of balota, remembering the adventures i had there.

Through The Night

Night is comig up. We are setting up a small camp and rest before the long swim to prison islan the next morning.

Free To Go

Looks, as if not a single soul is awake this early morning.

For Eternity

A fortress which won’t be forgotten.


Recovering after getting geared and the swim back to mainland.

Heading Up North

Having the tower of Green Mountain, which you can see for miles, in sight for orientation.


Passing the nearly forgotten fortress of Zub.

Into Town

Once more scanning the surroundings with the binoculars before we head into the town of Stary Sobor. Might we survive that visit?

Areas Of Taken Pictures

1: The Basics
2: Memories
3: Through The Night
4: Free To Go
5: For Eternity
6: Recovery
7: Heading Up North
8: Forgotten
9: Into Town