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    Jesus, pls people start to read ! the comparison here shows the different map sizes, nothing more.. no need to start complaining about how much fallout 4 is the better game

  • You guys complain too much. Give dayz a chance, its still in development. its around 2 years in development and still very rough to play, but so enjoyable, i got just under 3000 hours myself, but have youever thought why you don’t get a game like fallout every year to second year. it’s because it takes up to 6 years to develop. if they (fallout devs) were to let you play fallout alpha the same as days you’d be pissing just as much crying it’s a shit broken game the whole bloody time. go fucking play other games then and wait for a finished product. I rather choose to evolve along with the game as it has quite a learning curve if you jump into it brand new. After 300hours i have not done every single thing the game allready provides. Just the other day i went fishing in the ocean and caught my 1st mackerel, made my first leather clothes, damn there is just really so much to do.
    the only thing i desperately pray for now is for the devs to bring out small hot fixes for some serious issues like ground swimming. Many people just left dayz stable because of that. its fixed in experimental right now, so why not bring out a hot fix to keep people happy and satisfied. I hope to meet some truly hardcore dayz fans on my journeys cause i belive there are people that share my views on this.
    Oh, and for the map size DayZ is the biggest of all game maps out there. you cant go and say that there are many areas in fallout to load and explore and that makes it bigger than DayZ. DayZ has no need for loading screens and pretty soon all buildings are going to be enter able (without loading screens attached). Imagine the chaos if it were like that, you’d just get a camper sitting inside a house waiting for someone to appear and render in and then you’re dead.

  • Fallout has a lot of instances too, like when you go into a building or a cave. That’s when a new map is loaded, so the map in question here is actually just showing what is on the surface. All missions combined, I think you would have to add a few square miles for underground buildings alone 🙂

    Fallouts map is very dense and extremely well-crafted. It’s impossible to go somewhere without wanting to go check out something else on the way. That’s something I’m missing in Dayz. There are not enough unique or interesting locations. If they look interesting, there is most likely nothing there. I do like DayZ and play it frequently. Whoever says the devs are ruining the game is not playing DayZ. Progress is slow, but they are making a lot of progress lately and some of the main headaches of the game are getting solved.

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    Not really, i see you tried comparing it using roads as a guideline, well it’s not the same really, should be 0.75 of that size i think.

  • What about Xenoblade Chronicles X map vs Chernarus?

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    “omg who gives a sh**! Even though dayz might have a bigger than Fallout 4’s, it doesn’t matter that it’s a superior game than it, and actually Fallout 4 is more superior because it has WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more content and playability than dayz plus it isn’t as broken laggy POS. Fallout 4 is SOOOOOOO much better game than dayz.

    I know I got more money than you but you know what’s more important than materialistic things? KNAAAAAAAAWLEDGE!” -every fanboy who has played only 10 minutes of dayz

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    Dayz map bigger than fallout but look at the details have you looked at dayz even a kid can do a better map low detaild textures only trees and grass thats it a bit of rooks and fallout is one millions of miles better that dayz and i know what im saying i have 2000 houres is dayz stop compering fallout 10000 times better!!!!


  • Yeah size maybe, but did someone mention ammount of content? No? Ok…

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      Yeah, let’s compare two games of which the other one has been in developement since 2010 and the other one which has been in developement for almost 3 years (almost 2 years + the work done before December 2013) and is still in the late stages of alpha developement. gg wp

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    Fallout 4 is 100% better… DayZ is dead, is The worst copy of ThE mod in years, plz devs give ThE %@#€% files to moders and comunities for a nice experience. They are the rly owners ur only killing a nice game