Shared by true_colors on December 22, 2015

hi my names lucas or geustown but i go by apls-truecolors in dayz i am looking to meet friends in dayz standalone and dayz mod i do not own dayz mod right now but im going to be buying it i dont have the best computer at the moment so if you play with me please bear with me i am just wanting to meet some friends to look with make a base have a camp fire maybe role play or just walk around having fun i am friendly i do get quiet at times but its cause sometimes i dont know what to say so far i have put 417 hours into this game and about 5 hours of them i have met people and talk and had fun most of the time i am on my own looting i do not kos and yes i do carry guns but only for zombies and players that like to shoot at me if you would like to play with me please add me and leave a comment down below i am open to joining clans and communitys i am just alone in dayz and i want to make friends dont matter gender , sexuality or anything your who you are and i am who i am i just want a friend to play games with 🙂