Shared by Rustycaddy on June 30, 2016

Even though Chernarus and Chernarussians don’t exist, they’ve been through a lot. Germans have pillaged, raped, and executed many Soviet people, the Nazis came close to the capital “Moscow” but the tides changed and so did the heart of the Soviet people. They ended up fighting all those years and were outside Berlin, Germany in 1944 when the Americans finally showed up on the coasts of normandy. It is said that about 20 million Soviet people died, and around 8,668,000 Soviet soldiers. These ethnic groups of soldiers range to 5,756,000 Russian dead, 1,377,400 Ukrainains dead, 252,900 Belarusians, 125,500 Kazakhs, 117,900 Uzbeks, 83,700 Armenians, and the other 9 ethnic groups of the USSR fought for their motherland!
Credit: Comrade Pilgrim