• Bet you made the screenshot and your tent bugged away 😀

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    cool and stuff but before this update people had the chance to do other things beside survival, i bought this game like many others for the interaction with people, for bandits vs hero’s, on the previous updates there was, after you geared up and got the food, time left to do the other things like playing as a bandit or doing a chopper route.. now you got to be surviving 24/7.. im starving 24/7. theres no time for these kind of players like me… and i like the hard part of it, not finding much guns ammo, difficult zeds. but i found 2 pipsis and a can of beans in 1 Hour of gaming! i looted 2 towns and prison island, no food!

    So i mean gardning is fun, surviving with bow and arrow is fun, searching appels for 3 hour just to keep youre char alive isnt… for me theres no time for interaction anymore so im done till next update.

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      It isnt hard to survive, I mean there are so many infinite sources of food (Apples, berries, animals, horticulture) that once you get healthy its pretty easy to stay healthy. So you can do your whole bandit shit after you survive for the first few hours. This update does what the majority of the community wants and pushes for MORE survival and more player interaction because it isnt easy to survive anymore. I mean if you wanna just play a game where you have ‘deathmatch’ go play CoD because this is the direction that the company and the Community wants to go.

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        yeah i know but my point is that were getting hungry too fast, its ok for me to have way less food in the loot table but if im fully energized and fully hydrated it takes about 5 min sprinting than its already nrml again, add another 3 min and im already hungry again… and like i said playing a bindit isnt a deathmatch, you can hold people up take them as a hostage , most of the time i take what i need from them, give something in return and let them live… so plz don’t get that cod bullshit on me, i got over 1600 hours atm, don’t need anyone to tell me how i bought the ‘wrong game’

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          I dunno about you but if your getting hungry after fully energized after 5 mins your char is bugged as all the people I roll with don’t have that problem if anything 0.54 was worse for hunger and thirst if anything they Improved the time it takes for you to get hungry. plus enjoy the sprinting from town to town while it lasts as once stamina is introduced bye bye to that 😉

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      agree with you 100% its boring and unreal now the game

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    Well i still have a lot of interaction with other players! For example we are a squat of 9 guys, we dont allways play all at the same time, so we start supply runs in groups of 2, we fill up our tent(s) go out and find our new spawned friends and give them the basics to survive..
    and also and this is great in my opinion: the KoS mentality changed a bit. I met a group of 3 guys and we had a chat and traded food for ammo!
    Fact is it got really hard for fresh spawns! if you play alone: good luck to you. My bet? U are dead within minuites!
    If you have mates u have a way better chance!

    So fellow survivors: Make some alliances

    Ps: big tent didnt bug away since update, small ones did 🙁

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    I love surviving in the woods like with I just wish their was more to do like proper hunting an trapping an the with server maintenance deleting tents on Wednesday

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    well now i think it’s a real survival game now. this is what dayz should be and more. if you survive and look like you got some gear. you will be like a god among men. you gotta have a miracle to survive.
    i think this update will change the Death matching people used to do.
    as soon as you click dayz now. you’ll need to be fully aware and ready for any thing.

    this is survival. and i hope there would be more.
    as everyone else. this is my opinoin. and i do agree with the other comment. make some friendships.
    otherwise you’ll just die.

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    its not hard to find food period and you can still store 16k energy wtf just eat till your stuffed noobs better way f interaction maybe instead of kosing and ruining all the food you may have to use comms instead to bargain the sooner ppl realise this the better the interaction will be ppl need to work together to survive this is dayz not cod or battlefield sheesh . . .