Deadly Double

The first rifle to be added to the game without a military background would be this double-barreled masterpiece. It would change quite a bit over its lifetime, going from a basic but powerful short-range weapon to a medium/long-range hunting and sniping tool.

Introduced with the 0.34 update, the Blaze 95 would steal the hearts of those who favored the backwoods and precision firearms. Let’s take a closer look at how this gun has evolved over time into the stellar rifle we know today.

Blaser B95

The Blaze 95 as we know it is actually based on the Blaser B97 over-and-under double rifle. The real B95 is a single-action rifle that must be cocked after every shot, where our Blaze 95 more closely matches the double-action B97 in its ability to fire a second shot immediately. These two are otherwise the same rifle, but its an important distinction to make when discussing the weapon from a strategic standpoint.

The Blaser B95 and B97 are known for their customizable design, available in a wide variety of barrel configurations and calibers. The exact version we have is based on options available in real life: a BB97 model with both barrels chambered in .308 Winchester and “Roe deer” ornamentation on the metal sides of the gun.

The model we have is a true “double rifle,” but the B95/B97 is capable of being a combination rifle as well, with one of the barrels chambered to accept shotgun shells or chambered for a different caliber of bullet. This allows for a wide range of options and capabilities in a single rifle.

Hunter's Fancy

It wasn’t always great over long distances since it debuted without any attachable optics, but after the introduction of the Hunting Scope in 0.56, this rifle became a go-to for many players looking to keep some space between themselves and their target. The added range of the scope allowed for full use of the highly capable .308.

In the Field

Even without a scope, the Blaze 95 makes an excellent weapon for hunting thanks to its unique barrel configuration. We’ve all been in a situation where our first shot didn’t take down an animal, and by the time you chamber another round with a bolt-action, your target has become harder to hit — or even impossible. With the ability to fire two shots back-to-back, the B95 allows for an immediate follow-up to your first attempt.

This advantage is equally useful against human prey, particularly at a shorter range.

High Altitudes

If you demand a huge height advantage over your target, there are few other weapons suited to the task of delivering a round over a long distance. Depending upon your angle, the .308 will require minimal zeroing up to around 500m, and the scope makes it dead simple to line up a good shot.

Attention to Detail

Most of the weapons in-game are fairly accurate representations of some version of their real-life counterpart, but the Blaze 95 is loaded with detail. The sling mounts, wood finish, and even the curvature of the buttstock (giggity) are all spot-on. Perhaps most impressive of all is the engraved metal on the receiver and at the end of the barrel — the receiver is a near-perfect recreation of the real thing!


Though it may appear a little clumsy to watch, the break-action nature of the Double Rifle makes it fairly quick to reload. That’s a good thing when you’ve only got a capacity of two shots, but it also lends more character to this already charming rifle.

Color Scheme

Like most of the other early rifles, the Blaze 95 can be changed to other colors using spraypaint. It has both green and black variations, though they lose a lot of that charm I mentioned when compared to the natural wood finish. It does lend additional capability to a rifle that is already quite versatile however.

The Mighty .308

Prior to the introduction of the .308 Winchester and the reclassification that led to 7.62x54mmR rounds in 0.55, the game instead utilized 7.62x51mm ammunition that satisfied the needs of both the Mosin and the Blaze 95. This meant that, for a time, the Blaze was able to fire the most powerful ammunition available in the game. Despite what seems like a downgrade, the gun never really lost much of its punch and instead gained capability later on.

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The sixth in a many-part series covering the different weapons found in DayZ Standalone.

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