Brother Bullpup

We switch gears this week to a NATO favorite in the form of the very unique and well-recognized Steyr AUG rifle. Some may question its role in the weapon ecosystem with the more customizable M4A1 already in the mix, but we’ll talk about what makes it different and hopefully convince you to take a closer look.

Introduced (by coincidence) alongside the cannibalism mechanic in the 0.51 update, this modern legend has more than enough merits to stand on its own when compared to its peers. Join me as I talk about what makes it easy to use and maintain, and learn how to make the most of your experience with one.

Steyr AUG

Originally designed in the 1960’s and officially adopted into service by the Austrian Army in 1978, you’d be forgiven for thinking this otherworldly rifle was from twenty years into the future. Even by today’s standards, this extremely versatile weapon is far ahead of many of its peers in terms of combat operability, ease of care, and efficiency of design.

The AUG is the only rifle in the entire game which features the somewhat unique bullpup design, where most of the rifle’s “guts” sit behind the grip and within the buttstock rather than above and ahead of the trigger as in a more traditional layout. This allows the AUG to maintain a standard barrel length in a more compact overall weapon size which aids in maneuverability and helps to reduce weight.

The real-world AUG comes in countless varieties, thanks in no small part to the extreme modularity of its design. It comes in two different calibers (5.56 and 9mm), can be tailored to left or right hand operation, has four standard barrel lengths available to outfit the rifle for different roles (LMG, sniper, etc.), and can be set up for any combination of semi, burst, or fully automatic fire. It can also be fitted with either standard 1.5x Swarovski optics or alternatively a rail which can be equipped with any number of standard universal sights, it has mounts for several optional grenade launchers, and it can even be equipped with a bayonet.


Original art by Vadim Spiridonov, via ArtStation.

Instant Recognition

The AUG is easily distinguished from other guns even at a distance. It has a silhouette unlike any other rifle, notable for the lack of a magazine sticking downward at the front and the slick, slanted back mounting posts for its fixed optics. At first glance, it almost looks like an oversized submachine gun.

This kind of recognition has benefits and drawbacks just the same. For some opponents, particularly those who are not well armed themselves, this will probably mean a fear of what the operator is capable of with such a rifle. Those on an even playing field with a military weapon of their own will at least think twice about engaging. The downside is that there is no mystery — your enemies will know exactly what you have, and there’s no way to play it off as something else.

Universal Army Rifle

“AUG” is short for Armee-Universal-Gewehr, or “Universal Army Rifle.” This name speaks to both its forward-thinking design as well as the incredible flexibility this weapon has in the real-world for switching between operational roles with hardware changes. While we don’t have those options available in the game at present, the rifle in its basic form is still extremely versatile.

At the moment, we are limited to only one option for sights: the built-in 1.5x Swarovski optic. This sight is unique to the AUG and cannot be removed or attached to any other weapon. While it lacks the long-distance ease-of-use that you get with an ACOG, this simple optic does a fantastic job of allowing its user to quickly change between firing distances without much need for adjustment. The rifle can be zero’d up to a few hundred meters, but does its best work when set to 200m with corrections for distance and windage left up to the shooter’s aim.

Urban Gladiator

Since the Steyr AUG was designed from the get-go with maneuverability in mind, it makes sense then that this rifle does some of its best work in urban environments. The fixed optics are exactly the right level of magnification to make short range encounters easy in the hands of just about anyone without sacrificing usability at long range for more seasoned shooters.

The middle-of-the-range 5.56mm rounds fired by the AUG are devastating at close range in full auto mode, as long as recoil is kept in check of course. When fired in semi-auto mode, this rifle makes an excellent tool for overwatch duty, particularly in combination with a mild height advantage.

Choice of Quiet

The AUG has very few attachments available at this time, but what it does have can be incredibly useful under the right circumstances. You may not have the full catalog afforded to the M4, but it’s a tradeoff for increased versatility in its basic form.

What you do have are two options for lowering the rifle’s noise: the NATO suppressor and the improvised suppressor. The factory-made attachment is obviously more desirable for its durability, the improvised version will allow you to carry out impromptu low-noise attacks at will.

Foot Soldier

Though some may find its singular optics choice lacking at longer distances, the weapon itself and the caliber of ammunition that it fires are more of a limiting factor in real-world use. When properly accounting for drop and practicing good trigger discipline, the AUG is more than capable of pulling its weight when engaging targets out in the open fields or through the trees.

Where other optics become burdensome at ranges they weren’t intended for, the AUG’s built-in sights will have you prepared for any firefight that happens at the kinds of distances most common in DayZ conflicts. Without the need to make changes in the middle of battle, and equipped with a large capacity magazine, you can continue to lay down fire accurately and over longer spans of time with ease.


One of the AUG’s strongest assets is the 5.56 NATO ammo that it’s chambered for. Able to be gathered in quantity with relative ease at this point in time, these rounds can be used up quickly without much guilt while still packing a moderate punch. Along with the AUG’s ability to spit a huge number rounds per minute in full auto mode, you can do some serious damage in short order.

When compared to the alternatives, the 5.56 is ideally suited to this rifle and its purpose. Anything more would have too much kick, and anything less wouldn’t get the job done as effortlessly. The two are a perfect match.

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The twenty-second in a many-part series covering the different weapons found in DayZ Standalone.

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