Bolt Action Shorty

More or less a stereotype of the average hunting rifle, this week’s feature in the “Weapons” series is a trusty primary that requires just a little extra work to get operational. Find all the right parts however, and it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Though it seems like only yesterday that we got our hands on it, the CR527 has been with us since as far back as the 0.47 update. Join me as I talk about what makes this rifle different from its peers, and find out where to look for all the accessories you need to make it your own.

CZ 527 Carbine

The gun we know as the CR527 is really the CZ 527 Carbine, a stout hunting rifle manufactured by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod — the very same people who make the CZ 75 pistol we also get to enjoy. The Carbine that we can use in-game is just one of several possible configurations within the 527 family, whose range includes many different calibers and furniture materials.

The CZ 527 Carbine comes in two different flavors: .223 and 7.62x39mm, the latter of which enjoys some popularity due to sharing ammunition with the ubiquitous SKS and AK47/AKM. Most models come standard with either open sights or simple iron sights depending upon vintage and location, and many are equipped for scope mounts right from the factory.

This rifle is known for its solid build, relatively low recoil, and consistent accuracy at short and medium distances (when loaded with high quality ammunition). Its compact size and light weight make it favorable among hunters who traverse a lot of rough terrain, and having a separate box magazine can be seen as an extra safety measure in addition to increasing its versatility.


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Distance Duty

If it isn’t obvious, the CR527 does its best work when you put some space between you and your target. Ideally you will be sighting your shot through a hunting scope, but the iron sights are still capable up to 200m with a good eye and steady footing. Without optics you’re better off sticking to around 100m however, which is far more comfortable and therefore more likely to be successful.

Hunting scopes allow a user to extend their operating range out to more like 400m, or even beyond depending on how familiar they are with this particular rifle (and the 7.62x39mm in general). It is possible to hit targets further out thanks to the scope’s abilities, but you drastically reduce your chances of critically wounding your target.

On Patrol

Having been designed for hunting animals in the wilderness, this rifle makes an excellent companion weapon for those who are tasked with scouting or patrolling an area. In close quarters combat it would suffer harshly against automatic or even semi-automatic weapons, but it’s well suited for open spaces.

The gun’s modest capacity with a magazine allows for sustained fire when necessary, and the long operating range allows you to spot and engage your enemies long before they reach you. It may be tempting to begin firing as soon as you’ve made visual contact, but be careful to exercise patience and wait for your target to be within a distance that gives you a solid shot.

Load Up Another

The challenge in making the CR527 your weapon of choice is finding a magazine to feed it. You can use this rifle simply by chambering a round for each shot, but it lacks the quicker reload of the break-action Izh 18 and is far more useful with multiple rounds ready to go. With one in the chamber and five in the magazine, you’ve got six total shots before a reload is needed.

Magazines can be found in civilian locations befitting the rifle, and though it has a chance to spawn just about anywhere within those areas, there are a few spots in particular that seem to have a higher success rate: check split level houses (green or red) and interactable civilian vehicle wrecks (blue, green, or red cars) for your best chance at tracking one down.

Taken Everywhere

Thanks to a decent set of attachments, this rifle is versatile enough to fill many roles. It will never be ideal to use at close range, but when utilizing the iron sights it will do alright during tight combat. The biggest limitation there is the bolt action design of the rifle, which keeps fire rate low and leaves long pauses between shots for your enemies to take advantage of you.

That being said, it’s excellent if you’re someone who spends a lot of time roaming the map. Flexibility over varying distances means that you’ll rarely be caught in a situation where the gun isn’t useful to some degree. It can also be customized visually to suit different scenery, and you’re bound to travel through places with the right ammunition.


The CR527 doesn’t have a huge list of attachments, but it has all that it needs to excel at its given role. A hunting scope is usually the first thing to be thrown on, as it pairs with the rifle like wine & cheese. Very few people utilize the weapon in its raw form because this combination is what really defines the gun, even though the scope wasn’t added until much later in 0.57.

Stealth options in the form of a ghillie wrap and/or improvised suppressor are also possibilities. Some snipers would snub their noses at using the 527 for long range, but at medium range a fully equipped version of this rifle can be deadly while remaining quiet and hidden.

The Carbine Rainbow

Much like the other wooden-bodied rifles in the game, the CR527 can be given a personal touch using spraypaint. Options for color include the bare wood (brown), solid green, solid black, or a camouflage pattern. The camo is achieved by adding green paint to a black rifle or vice versa.

Though the standard wood look is always acceptable, the green paint allows it to hide well in grassy areas and the black does well in urban centers. The camo pattern is at its best when you’re operating primarily in the trees, but generally does okay anywhere that the solid green would also.

Heavy Hitter

It may not be packing the most powerful rounds available, but the 7.62x39mm still does an excellent job of wounding and putting down targets. In many if not most cases, a second shot will be needed to be certain your enemy is out, but as long as you’ve got a magazine that isn’t any trouble at all.

More importantly, the ammunition being used is relatively easy to acquire. It is found at all general military locations, and may be found elsewhere as well. As long as you don’t stick to remote areas of the map, you should have no problem keeping your rifle supplied.

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The sixteenth in a many-part series covering the different weapons found in DayZ Standalone.

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