One-Shot Wonder

As one of only two single-shot weapons in the entire game, this week’s entry in the “Weapons” series is somewhat unique in what it demands from the user. Patience is required to unlock its talents, and a love for the unusual doesn’t hurt either.

Stealthily thrown in with the 0.56 update that only lived on the Experimental branch, this middle weight one-shot will dazzle on the battlefield but only if you’re willing to lead the dance. Join me as I talk about how to make the most of this deceptively capable weapon and find out why you should give it a chance next time you cross paths with one.

Baikal MP-18MH

Introduced in 1964 as a single-barreled, break-action shotgun and manufactured in Russia by Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod, the addition of various popular rifle calibers to the mix brought the Izh-18 to the point that we know it today. The rifle variant in particular is well liked for its low cost and solid reputation for getting the job done. This gun is flexible enough to meet the needs of many outdoorsmen.

Available in a range of sizes from 12 ga. to .410 for shotgun and .223 to 9.3x74R for rifle, there is a type for nearly every use case when it comes to the Izh-18. The variant we get in-game is a modernized MP-18MH in 7.62x39mm like the one above, the same ammunition used by the SKS and AK47/AKM families of military rifle. The ready availability of ammunition for those guns is shared with our version of the gun by association.

Though we are unable to take advantage of optics in-game, the real life Izh-18 typically does have provisions to mount a scope. There are also a number of different options when it comes to wood choices for the weapon’s furniture, and the version we get has lovely walnut.


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Slayer of the Infected

It might not seem like the right tool for the job, but this rifle is actually quite adept at taking down zombies. So long as you take care not to back yourself into a corner, decently quick reloads between shots and a powerful round mean that the infected go down quick and easy.

Being that many don’t use this gun because they feel it won’t allow them to be capable enough in battle, killing zombies is the perfect way to practice your aim and get comfortable with the reload process. Use these opportunities to become proficient, and you’ll have the courage to carry this powerful little rifle into combat.

Big Power in Short Supply

Other small frame guns tend to make do with accordingly small calibers in order to allow lots of opportunities for a shot, but the Izh 18 prefers power over capacity. It can remain quite compact and still fire a mid-range round like the 7.62×39 by limiting itself to a single bullet at a time.

In utilizing an ubiquitous and acceptably powerful round, this rifle guarantees itself a steady supply of ammunition and does not eat through it quickly either. When used to its maximum effectiveness, a player need only carry a single stack of 20 rounds to be a sustained threat with this rifle.


There are only a few other break action weapons in the game, and they all have similarly quick reload times to this rifle. Each has an advantage or purpose however, and the Izh 18 is no exception. Where the Blaze 95 would have the advantage of two larger rounds and a scope for example, the Izh 18 has a smaller profile and can take advantage of an improvised suppressor for stealthiness.

Perhaps as a cruel joke, the Izh 18 technically has select fire — though you’d never be able to tell the difference — and your options are “Semi Auto” and “Burst Fire.” This is entirely irrelevant to the end user, but it’s an interesting thing to note nonetheless.

A Few Good Tools

There aren’t many attachments that are compatible with the Izh 18 at this time, and unfortunately those don’t include optics despite that capability in real life. What it can use are two things that make it easier to get off a good shot in the first place.

An improvised suppressor is always a welcome addition to the portfolio, because it can be utilized at any time and simply thrown away when you’re done. The ghillie wrap makes it easier to stay hidden and take your time lining up a shot.

Party Trick

Like its double-barreled shotgun brother and the granddaddy Mosin, the Izh 18 is able to be modified with a hacksaw into a compact version of itself. Cut down to size, this sawed-off takes up only four slots in your inventory, making for a lot of power in a small space. This means you could quite easily use it as a very high-powered secondary weapon.

Unfortunately, hacking off the stock and half the barrel leaves the rifle quite a bit less capable. It becomes noticeably less accurate as well as more difficult to handle when firing. In this state, it’s recommended that you keep your targets within 50m if you want a fair chance at hitting them.

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The fifteenth in a many-part series covering the different weapons found in DayZ Standalone.

Many thanks to official forum user Red Ensign for assisting with the album.