Stealth Operator

Widely appreciated for its abilities but heavily under-utilized due to its relative rarity, the Amphibia S is a major outlier in the pistol category. It is the only pistol which uses .22 ammunition, the only one with an integrated suppressor, and by far one of the more difficult ones to find and equip.

This secret-agent-style handgun joined the party in 0.42, and remains a big statement of your priorities as its wielder. Join me as I talk about this ninja-like handgun and see why its worth your effort to seek it out during your travels.

Ruger MkII

The Amphibia pistol we use in-game is an almost exact copy of the AWC TM-Amphibian ‘S’ variant of the Ruger MkII handgun. This family of weapons is based around the .22 Long Rifle cartridge, and occupies a large role in the legacy of some of the most popular handguns ever made. Though this particular model is no longer in production after having been replaced by the MkIII, the Ruger rimfire pistol dates back to 1949.

The original Ruger pistols were based on the smallest variant of a family of pistols known as “Nambu,” a Japanese handgun that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The Rugers incorporate the rear cocking device and a similar shape to the original Nambu design.

The particular variant in DayZ uses an integrally suppressed barrel, and is specifically designed to be used in all conditions, especially after being in the water which would cripple many other guns. In fact, the manual for this gun even recommends adding a small amount of water to the barrel to improve its ability to deaden the sound from a shot.


Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Not Standard Issue

When you choose to make your secondary an Amphibia, you are going against the grain when it comes to your other potential choices. Other guns are easier to acquire, and more importantly so are their magazines. If you’re carrying one, it’s because you really wanted it, and not likely because you just stumbled upon it.

The most difficult aspect of making full-time use of this gun is indeed finding magazines to feed it. They are obviously critical to making full use of it, and if you can’t find any you’re likely going to frustrate yourself into choosing something more accessible.

Life Aquatic

Since it was designed with the needs of special forces like the US Navy SEALs in mind, this pistol is incredibly rugged, prioritizes stealthiness above almost everything else, and should (eventually) be immune to the negative effects of water. If there’s one handgun that could survive a long swim and still keep slinging bullets, this is it.

Tool #1

The Amphibia should be seen less as a weapon and more as a tool. It is the best friend of those who wish to avoid conflict and instead accomplish their goals through carefully planned maneuvers and minimal hostile engagement.

Though not the smallest weapon in the game, being a pistol means that it takes up a relatively small amount of space and makes an excellent concealed weapon for activities such as infiltration and assassination. Even a single chambered round can be used to devastating effect.

Keep Quiet

Of course, what else is the Amphibia but the quietest gun in the game? Weapons which fire .22 rounds are at an advantage inherently because it is not a loud, high-energy ammunition. The Amphibia takes it a step further with its integrated suppressor and becomes nearly silent beyond close range.

The extremely low levels of noise make this the most stealthy firearm available. If you must do something quietly and it isn’t long range, there is no question about which weapon is the best one for the job.

Height Advantage

For all its good traits, the Amphibia does have one glaring downside: distance. The .22 rounds that allow it to be so quiet also drag down its effective range compared to larger rounds like the .45 and .357, and anything but a headshot will be wasted effort.

That being said, you can use tall buildings and hills to make up for this somewhat. Any good assassin already knows that being able to shoot down on your target makes things easier, but in this case you’re also helping to offset the Amphibia’s Achilles heel.


Not that it really needs anything (except maybe a scope), but the Amphibia has a single available attachment: the improvised suppressor. Unfortunately, much to the dismay of stealthy players everywhere, it actually makes the gun louder. This is one case where you’re better off leaving the gun naked.

With that being said, there is a way to see this as a positive: the Amphibia requires nothing extra. It does its best work right off the shelf with nothing but a magazine added to the equation.

Natural Habitat

Here we see the Amphibia at work, in the conditions it is most ideally suited to operating in: late at night, under the cover of dark, at an indoor location where being quiet is a massive advantage. This operative is employing an all-black outfit to compliment his choice of hardware.

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The tenth in a many-part series covering the different weapons found in DayZ Standalone.

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