Also known to some by its I-can’t-read-Cyrillic-so-I-read-it-like-English name of “Kambiwobo,” this is by far the most iconic spawn point of any along the coast. Many a fresh survivor has washed up on the beach here only to be slaughtered in a multitude of ways or worse — tortured mercilessly.

Main Street

All of Kamyshovo lies along the main highway, save for a few houses down a side road of dirt. This means very methodical looting behavior and long sight lines.


From the water, it doesn’t look like much. Just your average coastal village.

Not Quite a Port

Jutting out from the center of town is this sizable dock. Navigating the waters around here must have been tough, with all the islands right off the coast.

Law in the Middle

Here we have a view of the back of town. This is where the police station lies, along with a logging road going north into the woods.


From this perspective, nothing has changed. You would swear this was pre-outbreak.

Can't Call the Police

There are no officers of the law here anymore, and this square where the station resides is frequently the site of gun battles between survivors.

Logging Road

Following the dirt road north out of town and you’ll pass a few houses and a barn along your way. Keep going into the woods past where the dirt road ends, and a path through the woods awaits you.

Beaten Path

Considering it’s just a clearing through the woods, this path sees much traffic from survivors making their way inland from the coast.

To the East

Leave town going east, and you’ll come to the Krutoy Cap, otherwise known as the “corner” of the coast. From there you can swim to Skalisty Island.


Head west instead, and you’ll come upon more if the town’s nearby islands. Very nearly touching the coast is Otmel, the only one of the islands in the area (besides Skalisty) that was actually inhabited. Swimming is not necessary to reach it.


Though not geographically farthest west, it’s what you might think of when picturing the far west of Chernarus. There’s not much special about this village, and prior to the addition of a nearby military camp it was content to be quietly tucked away in the hills.

Spaced Out

One positive byproduct of being so remote is that Myshkino is very spacious. The houses here have a lot of yard space to run through, but watch for fences.

The Hills

Being that it lies in the middle of several hills, this town has the challenge of slopes.

Life Giving Water

It’s a good thing there’s a ready supply of fresh water when you’re this far out.

Heading Out

Head north-northwest out of town past where the pavement ends and you’ll cross through some farmland before discovering Myshkino’s secret…

Camp in the Woods

Cross over the hill that separates Myshkino from the smaller valley to its west, and you’ll find a large military encampment. Once located near Balota, this is a high-traffic area and generally frequented by hostile players. It’s a toxic environment for anyone who isn’t willing to trade risk for reward.

We Need a Plan

Since it is incredibly isolated and positioned at the western edge of the map, it’s very possible that this was a staging area or command post for the evacuation of Chernarus during the outbreak.


Need a place to shit in peace? This probably ain’t the place to do it. That plastic outhouse isn’t protecting you from sniper fire.

Medical Attention

Smack in the middle of the camp is the medical tent. It may have once provided care for soldiers, but these days it may as well be the opposite.

You're Lucky, Punk

Many don’t get to see this view leaving the military camp. Instead their visit ends in a black screen.

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The seventh in a nine part photographic series about the smaller towns of Chernarus.

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