Continue your way north from the city of Severograd, and you will find yourself in the mountain village of Kamensk.

Hub of Activity

There are a number of ways in and out of the town. This is where miners from the nearby mines would have lived.

Village Pub

All good towns need a place to gather and share a few drinks.

Very Quaint

The houses here are mostly small, and the space between buildings is rivaled only by neighboring Krasnoe.

Send in the Troops

Here we can see a broken down V3S “Command” variant that was disabled somehow.


This general store would have been incredibly important for a remote village like Kamensk.

No Treasure Here

Venture east of the village, and you’ll come to this mining facility.

Heavy Equipment

This area is littered with construction vehicles.

No Admittance

Though the mine was once open to brave travelers, it has been sealed off for some time now.

Base in the Woods

Keep walking down the dirt road out of town and eventually you’ll come across this base. Be careful, the entrance is easy to miss.

Vehicle Depot

At this particular facility, there are many broken down vehicles.

Spread Out

There are not many buildings left here, as most of them are bombed out.

The Garages

There are extensive vehicle maintenance facilities that would have kept quite a fleet running.


To the northwest of Kamensk lies the least-populated village in all of Chernarus: Krasnoe.

Where is Everyone?

No, really, there are less than half a dozen houses or other buildings here.

Hunting Village

This place would have been a hunter’s dream though, with the dense surrounding woods and room for activities.

Radio Chernarus

Because Krasnoe is at such a high elevation, it’s an ideal place for a radio tower.

Tiny Church

One of these roadside churches can be found in Krasnoe as well.

Life Out of Ruin

A tree grows here where a cow barn was once torn apart.

Farms for Days

Much of Krasnoe is forest, but a large meadow in the middle has the remains of a few lost buildings.

Military Convoy

At the very edge of the map, you’ll find this line of wrecked military vehicles, probably on their way into the country to assist with the outbreak.

Stary Yar

Even more remote, the town of Stary Yar is an anomaly of the north.


There are pockets of houses here rather than one single dense area.

Fences Abound

Nearly every house here seems to be separated from the others using one or another type of fence.


There is no consistency to the houses here — anything goes.


A few houses lie on the outskirts of town by themselves, too.

Overlook Pub

This village pub sits right at the edge of the cliff, offering unparalleled views of the valley below.

Shared by Tatanko on August 4, 2015

The third in a nine part photographic series about the smaller towns of Chernarus.

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