Welcome to one of the tiniest villages in all of Chernarus. Often skipped over in favor of bigger towns nearby, Guglovo is quaint and unassuming.

Stone Streets

The stones laid in the ground here lend an old-world charm to this village. The only other place you’ll find this in abundance is the town of Tulga.

Everybody Knows Everybody

With only a few houses and two community buildings making up the entire village, its a safe assumption that everyone here probably knew one another very well.

View of the Valley

Because the village sits on a slight elevation, it is possible to get a good view of the surrounding hills and valleys from anywhere in town.

General Store

The town may be small, but it does at least have its own General Store. Residents needing anything fancy would have gone to neighboring Novy Sobor.


Just hearing the name of this town may conjure up bad memories for some people. While the town itself is rather typical of those in northwestern Chernarus, its location relative to other points of interest is what makes it so popular.

Fueling Up

Coming into town from the west, you’ll pass an all-important gas station.

Scrap Yard

This junk yard in the center of town may be important in the future as a source of parts.

Many Gates

More so than many other places, nearly every yard in Vybor is sectioned off using fences and gates. Everyone here liked their privacy, apparently.

Office Space

Also near the middle of town, this office building used to be the site of many a conflict between survivors.

Back Alley

Vybor has plenty of smaller residences huddled together in the northern section of town as well.

Green Lawns

One thing there is no shortage of is green space. Trees and lawns abound here.

Road to Vodka

Go back an inconspicuous dirt road at the eastern end of town, and you’ll soon see what this town is really all about.

Bardak Distillery

Welcome to the distillery of Bardak & Sons Liquor.


Great care was taken to keep the vodka recipe a secret. Visitors to the distillery had to pass a security checkpoint.


This plant can seem intimidating to those stopping by for the first time, as there are pipes and utility buildings everywhere.

Sprawling Facility

Here we see one of the main facilities of the distillery, proudly wearing the company logo.

Shared by Tatanko on August 11, 2015

The fourth in a nine part photographic series about the smaller towns of Chernarus.

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