This unassuming hillside town in the middle of Chernarus has everything a traveling survivor could want: a general store, a police station, a medical center, water pumps, and many residential buildings to loot.


There is only one intersection in the whole town, but it has three of the most prominent (and important) buildings.


The church in Gorka is one of the creepier among churches in Chernarus. Setting up camp here would be like sleeping in a haunted house.

Bad Drivers

More so than other small towns, Gorka has wrecked cars all over the place. This town is also particularly known for police cars, due in part to having its own local station.

Lumber Mill

With its many forests, logging in Chernarus is a lucrative business. The residents of Gorka know this well.

Local Business

There are quite a few places in Gorka to have a drink.

Fancy Farmhouse

The farm that can be found here is not unusually large, but it does have a rather nice house attached to it. This complex is relatively secure as well, or at least it was prior to the outbreak.

Police Presence

Abandoned in front of the entrance to the farm, we see one of Gorka’s ubiquitous police cars.

Fill 'Er Up!

If travelling north from Gorka through Dubrovka, you’ll see this gas station somewhere near the base of the mountain of Klen.

Mighty Klen

Standing at its base facing east, we see the winding road to the peak of Klen. This mountain has a great view of the entire surrounding area, including Krasnostav and its airstrip.

Long View

Here at the peak of Klen, we can see the tower of Black Mountain Castle in the distance.


Seen from the peak of the mountain, the town of Krasnostav doesn’t look all that big.

Not What You Think

Approaching the town from the west, it becomes apparent that the town is bigger than it seemed at first glance.


This town is divided into distinct sections of smaller residential homes, two-story homes, and public buildings.

Big Blue on the Hill

As with many other towns in Chernarus, Krasnostav has its own medical center near the western end of town. Good luck making the hike up the hill to get to it.

Not a City

It will never get confused as anything more than a town, but certain sections of Krasnostav have many multi-story buildings that leave parts of town feeling more claustrophobic.


Very nearly every piece of property in town has a shed as well. This is great for survivors seeking out things like tools and vehicle parts.


You wouldn’t expect to see shipping containers this far inland, but since Krasnostav is a larger town, it likely had logistical needs that could only be met by bringing large quantities of goods in via container.

Mountain Scene

Here we stand on a small hill looking over Krasnostav from the northwest, and to the southeast we see the mountain of Klen.

Krasnostav Airstrip

Once a smaller military installation, the airfield at Krasnostav is entirely civilian these days. During its military days, it was also known as the Northeast Airfield (or “NEAF” for short).


Though it may be a civilian facility now, it is likely that the military assumed control of this airfield during the outbreak to serve their own needs.

Staff Housing

It may not be a big airfield, but the staff there still need a place to live. These houses are where airport employees would have lived.


Every airport needs a terminal, and the one at Krasnostav serves many purposes. The building itself would have had offices and air traffic controllers, and the adjoining hangar would have been large enough to hold a few smaller craft.

Spacious Interior

While it might seem big from the perspective of a person on foot, only a handful of small aircraft would actually fit inside. Alternatively, it can be used as an oversized garage for vehicles.

Flat Ground

Another view of the terminal, specifically the air traffic control room. Normally a tower would be necessary for this job, but even from the ground, the ATC crew here would have had a great view of the area.


At approximately 600m end-to-end, the airfield at Krasnostav is the shortest of the three in Chernarus. This is appropriate for its purpose as a small civilian airport.

Still Working

The runway equipment at the airstrip is remarkably well-preserved, but not all of it remains functional

Mysterious Compound

It is unknown what this small collection of civilian barracks was for, but the location is an anomaly because of its weird placement and combination of both civilian and military structures.

You can reach this place by heading up the dirt path leaving the airstrip to the northwest.

Where Are We?

The purpose of this place can only be guessed, but it was likely housing for a summer camp or a “retreat” style vacation area.

What Happened Here?

What remains is so barren that any clues as to the purpose of this place are long gone.

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The sixth in a nine part photographic series about the smaller towns of Chernarus.

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