The Witch Ring

Most wanderers of post-infection Chernarus don’t realize that a place of demonic worship lies right in their backyard. Just up the hill from the town of Myshkino is this eerie landmark of stone piles arranged in a pentagram, also featuring the likeness of a person formed by crossed tree branches.

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Pile of Sticks

Visit this place during the day, and it might not seem like much — especially from ground level. A feeding shack and what seems like an ordinary pile of sticks are all that mark this place.

Approach With Caution

Go in at night, and the same location has a totally different feel to it. There’s something wrong about this place, and it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what that is. Don’t go in alone.


This is what it might have looked like when a ritual was performed here. Perfectly arranged campfires, maybe a human sacrifice or two…

Site of Ritual

Under the dim moonlight, the circle of fires conjures images from the past of wayward individuals practicing the dark arts in this place.

The Stain

Stumbling through the woods southeast of Devil’s Castle, you may see a strange spot on the ground. It isn’t the only one of its kind in Chernarus, but it’s the easiest to locate. Another can be found under a wagon near the railroad tracks up north.

This location was originally documented by forum user Hetstaine in his “Touring Chernarus” series (

What is That?

We can’t know for sure what caused the stain(s), but judging by their rainbow-like appearance, it seems at least possible that they are the result of a petroleum spill of some sort.

The Standing Stones

Somewhat resembling Stonehenge, this arrangement of large rocks is far more known than the Witch Ring featured earlier. It is likely no coincidence that such a place exists in an area known as “Altar.”

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Place of Importance

The Standing Stones probably had religious significance, and probably tied into other things like constellations, the movement of the sun, etc. in the way that other ancient sites of importance usually are.


The place where the Standing Stones are located is appropriately named. Besides the landmark, a couple of houses and some long-abandoned cars can be found here. Believe it or not, this gently sloping hill is the highest point of elevation in all of Chernarus!

Topolka Dam

Anyone who has ever set foot in Chernarus knows this place. It lies along one of the most popular routes north from the southern coast, just above Elektrozavodsk. Despite being one of only two man-made dams in the whole area, this facility is not set up to provide electricity.

Summer Camp

The shadow of a dam hardly seems like the place for a place of leisure, but Holiday Camp Kometa exists here nonetheless. It is fairly similar to other camps around Chernarus, including small cabins and a medical station.

Still Standing

It isn’t looking too good these days, but the medical station here still provides shelter and supplies to lucky travelers who manage to make their way through early.

Top of the Dam

Since it is flat, it’s possible to drive a vehicle across to the top of the dam. There isn’t much to drive to, however.

National Park

At some point, Topolka became designated as a national park area. This isn’t at all surprising given the beautiful artificial lake and nearby camping area.

Lake in the Hills

Topolka Dam is surrounded on all sides by hills, and gives you a temporary sense of security until you remember that it’s nearby to Elektro. It’s typically very peaceful here, so enjoy it as you travel through.

Drakon Island

The other, other island. Smaller than Skalisty and Prison islands, Drakon can be seen in the background any time you’re in the area of Elektrozavodsk. It lies just off the coast from the docks on the eastern edge of town.

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Rough Surface

Most of the island is peppered with large rocks, and the whole thing is a small mound jutting out of the water; that means that most of the island would be too difficult to build on. Even setting up camp here would be a challenge, but you would have to be crazy enough to try in the first place.

Worn Down

Around the back side of the island you’ll find a slowly decaying dock and rowboats. There may not be any residences here, but it’s clear that the island saw visitors regularly, probably in the form of tourists checking out the lighthouse.

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The fifth in a seven part series about the noteworthy places in Chernarus.

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