Touch the Sky

This is the infamous radio tower at Green Mountain. Though it bears some resemblance to a candy cane thanks to its red and white stripes, few people have happy memories associated with this place.

It can be seen from all over mid-western Chernarus, and for many serves as a navigation tool because it is visible from so far away.

Inviting at First

Everybody “knows a guy” who has a crazy story to tell about this place. It’s recommended that anything you hear be taken with a huge grain of salt, as the mystique has far outgrown the reality.

Horrifying stories aside, there is an overarching legend that goes something like this: those with a radio can tune in to a certain frequency late at night within the range of the tower and hear a radio transmission on repeat. This transmission includes coordinates to various deer stands and supposedly provides clues about the outbreak.

Forum member mullraugh has documented this legend tirelessly, and videos are available below that detail both the transmission and what it can feel like to visit this place under the right conditions.

Ultimately, this place is whatever you make it — benign or horrifying.


“The Curse of Green Mountain” — by mullraugh:

Radio Transmission:

Experience Video:

Step Into My Office

We can only speculate what may have occurred at this facility prior to the outbreak, as well as what role it might have played in the whole thing. Visitors and employees at the complex would have checked in here before entering.

Observation Deck

The view from even the bottom deck of the tower is impressive, thanks to the column’s location on a hill. Dishes can be seen hanging off the side, and sealed-off passages with ladders would potentially take you further up the tower.

Complex at Sunset

Though it’s a lot quieter these days (as of this writing) due to a lack of supplies, it kind of just makes the place that much more desolate and creepy.

It's Quiet Now

The sun is shining down on Green Mountain this day, but spend too much time looking around and you’ll still be getting shivers down your spine at the thought of what may have taken place here.


Very far in the distance, we see the tower from the west in Sosnovka.


A little more to the south, the tower features prominently in any background of Zelenogorsk.


Leave the city for the farmlands of Drozhino and the tower looks over like Big Brother.


Deep in the valley of Kozlovka, the tower is surprisingly visible.


It may be surrounded by mountains, but Pulkovo still has a good view of the tower.


The village of Pogorevka is right in the tower’s backyard.


Nearly out of view, Rogovo still manages to keep the tower in sight.

The Stuff of Nightmares

No one can quite put their finger on what it is about this place that makes it so eerie. The myth associated with this place has snowballed uncontrollably over time to the point where no one is really sure anymore what it is we are afraid of.

Terror and unease hang over this place like a thick, choking fog. It might just be all in our minds, but there must be some legitimacy to our anxiety if we all share in it.

The Green Mountain legend is what you make it. Should you find yourself there on a dark, rainy night, try not to let your despair consume you.

Shared by Tatanko on September 21, 2015

The first in a seven part series about the noteworthy places in Chernarus.

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