Central Railway Station

Against the woods on a flat plain above Lopatino is this dilapidated monument to the transportation industry of Chernarus. Mass transit ran daily from this hub until everything went bad, including buses like this one that would have carried riders all the way to Skalisty Proliv and back.

Expansion Halted

Transportation was so important to Chernarussians that this station was undergoing an impressive expansion project at the time of the outbreak. The crane next to the unfinished building offers an excellent view of the northwest.

Boss's Office

This old train station would have likely been the only building here at the beginning of this station’s existence. From there it expanded outward to include many more buildings, including ticket kiosks that have relegated the old station building to administrative offices.

World Class View

From the top of the crane, we can see north to Vavilovo (as seen in this shot), southeast to Lopatino, and the mountains that form the western border of the map.

Where It All Begins

This is the point of origin for all the rails you see throughout the country. Though they avoid the interior for the most part, this rail system follows the main highway all the way to the sea and around the coast to Bay Tikhaya.

Grand Campfire Circle

The odd arrangement of large rocks you see here is known as the Grand Campfire Circle for its assumed use as a bonfire location. The circle can be found just south of the town of Gorka off the beaten path.

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Not Adequate

One little fireplace is almost invisible in the giant ring. You’ll need a MUCH bigger fire…

Quiet These Days

It cannot be known for certain what this place was created for, be it innocent celebrations or dark rituals. Whatever the original intent, it doesn’t get used much anymore save for the occasional traveler setting up camp for the night.

Black Forest

Just south of the campfire circle is a whole forest that we often travel through but don’t think about much, at least not by name. Covering roughly 4 km², it is one of the largest wooded areas in all of Chernarus.

*Image edited by @EvolvingEdits.

4x4 Country

All of the routes leading through the Black Forest are dirt tertiary roads. In fact, you won’t really even find any road signs back here. While most vehicles could make it through here on a sunny day with some caution for potholes, in bad weather it would require something with plenty of off-road ability.

Scenery and Sweet Isolation

If you need to get away from other people, this is a pretty ideal location to do so. Dark, silent woods surround tranquil, grassy clearings.

Logging Operation

Deforestation was occurring all over Chernarus prior to the outbreak, but it doesn’t seem to have hit this forest too hard. Most of the logging done near the middle was to clear space for the area’s only private residence.

The Estate

The lone house in the forest can be found close to the center. Referred to as the “Black Forest Estate,” it’s a two-story house and accompanying buildings along with a personal apple orchard. The original owners were probably very comfortable here prior to the outbreak, and the isolation may have even helped them to survive originally.

Commissar Statue

Regarded as a poorly kept “secret,” this old statue of a Soviet-era official has a very cloudy backstory. No one is really sure how it ended up in the middle of the woods, but it ended up half-buried in the ground north of Komarovo.

Still Determined

Though he may be slowly sinking into the dirt, the Commissar watches over this forest with steely resolve.

Pride In Tact

The statue shows dignity in spite of its situation, remaining ready for viewing should a wayward traveler wander past.

Little Secret

It is possible that there is more here than meets the eye. Just behind the statue, hidden under some foliage, is an old military radio. What might such a piece of equipment have been left here for?

Past Meets Present

One veteran survivor looks into the face of another…

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The fourth in a seven part series about the noteworthy places in Chernarus.

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