Kamy Super-Store JunkYard

This is the junkyard of the Kamy Super-Store.

The 3 Strangers

They helped me run the store and guard from intruders. We had 0 casualties, and stopped 3 robbery attempts


NoopGuy found a tent for us to put up at the shop, we all wanted to check it out =)

The tent

The tent was full of ammo and supplies….as you will see in the next picture…

Gear galore

We had scopes and guns out the whazoo. Anyone was welcome to take what they needed. Much more than what is shown here, 2 many ss’s to show it all lol

Junk yard view 1

Junk Yard view 2

Junk yard view 3

Clothing Section

Every fresh spawn is looking for some fresh clothes. This pile had whatever you needed

Grocery Section

This was the most helpful section of the shop for most customers. Saved a few people from starving, they were very greatful.

Kamy Library

The Kamyshovo library has an extensive amount of books for even the biggest of book-worms

Hardware Section

Shovels, crowbars, hatchets, oh my!

Head Protection

Everyone needs to stay safe from a punch in the head.

Med Section

Splints, defibs, med kits, everything you will need to survive out there

Birds Eye View

Thanks to everyone who helped me, and to all the customers! This was a blast

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