Shared by Sternberg MD on March 20, 2016

Green Mountain – a place dreaded by many survivors out there. The number of peope who lost their lives trying to uncover the secrets of the abandoned tower is definitely beyond counting.

I didn’t want to add up to that number. However, I heard that some brave (or, maybe, stupid?) survivors set up a camp down there and were actually trading with others. I had to check that out, because I was running low on ammo and military camps were too dangerous to go alone to.

Before the journey, I had to spend a whole day in Mogilevka because of the storm, reading “Nostromo” and cleaning my guns. After the skies cleared out, I decided to get a move on. There were some gunshots coming from Nadezhnino’s direction, so the long road through Vyshnoe and Rogovo was a much better option for me. The trip took a bit longer than I expected, but being overly cautious is never a bad thing. Not in this land, at least.

Finally, I reach the welcoming gates of the Tower…

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