Welcome to Novaya Petrovka!

In the sprawling landscape of Chernarus, this is the “big little” city. Translated, it’s name means simply “New Petrovka”, with “Petrov” being a Russian surname used in the way an English town might be named something like “New Williamsport.”

A Ruined Town

Though it might not seem like much from ground level, Novaya Petrovka sprawls over a considerable area and is packed dense with buildings.

Big Little

Back to the idea of a “big little” city, Novaya Petrovka is both huge and generous with leisure spots.

On the Grid

The biggest qualifier for city status is the town’s grid layout and advanced infrastructure.

Quiet Can Be Found Here

Peaceful, grassy alcoves are all over the city if you know where to look.

The Factory

On the eastern end of the city, there is a manufacturing and processing facility.

Industrial Shambles

The factory has certainly seen better days, though…

Remnants of Civility

In this city, it’s almost like the people never went away.


The farther away from the center of the city, the more rural the scenery becomes.

Apartment Blocks

Make no mistake, this is a bonafied city with apartment buildings and everything.


Keep going farther out, and there isn’t much to see but endless fields and forest.


Wave goodbye to the big little city!

Shared by Tatanko on May 19, 2015

The fourth in an eight part photographic series about the urban centers of Chernarus.

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