Welcome to Elektrozavodsk!

Possibly the most well-known city in all of South Zagoria, the city of Elektrozavdosk is founded primarily on industry. In fact, it’s name means “Electrical Machinery Factory”. Known as “Elektro” for short, it is home to the only power plant in Chernarus.

Sniper Hill

This small hill overlooking the city has become known as “Sniper Hill.” Once an idyllic spot for lovers to watch the sunset, now marksmen clad in ghillie suits perch themselves on this height to keep an eye over the city.

The Streets of the City

Elektro may be first and foremost a city of industry, but there are no shortage of personal residences here. They lie mostly on the eastern and western ends of town.

Peaceful Corners

While you might expect that a city wouldn’t be much more than steel, concrete, and pavement, there are more than a few places to sit on a park bench under a tree and enjoy a cool breeze. Just don’t sit still for too long…

Fire Stations!

Elektrozavodsk is the only city in Chernarus with TWO fire stations. One serves the residential and factory areas of the city and the other is an immediate response unit for the power plant. These are the most dangerous spots in the entire city.

The Railway

Due to its importance in manufacturing, Elektro is heavily integrated with the rail system running along the coast.

The Docks

Perhaps more than any other coastal town, Elektro makes heavy use of it’s beaches. There is a large, C-shaped dock here and buildings dot the coastline.

Cranes and Cranes

Able to be seen from quite a distance, there are a handful of cranes lining the docks of Elektro which once loaded cargo onto visiting ships.


Multi-story residences are abound in the manufacturing section of Elektro, once home to employees of the factories.

Rails for Days

Four-wide in some areas, the railways running through the city were once hugely important to the industry here.


The outer edges of the city are more open, and include large fields and smaller residences.

Come Back Soon!

Be careful when visiting the dangerous city of Elektro… but don’t stay away too long!

Shared by Tatanko on May 12, 2015

The third in a seven part photographic series about the urban centers of Chernarus.

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