Welcome to Chernogorsk!

Translated from Russian, Chernogorsk means “city near black mountain.”

Bridge to the City

You must cross a bridge to enter the city when arriving from Prigorodki to the east.

Streets of the City

Streets of the City

Streets of the City

Houses ruined as part of the plane crash at the International Hotel.

The International Hotel

Once a world-class facility to stay in during your travels, this building was devastated by a plane crash that took out a significant chunk of the structure.

Ruins of the International Hotel

Here, through the ruins, we can see City Hall.

City Hall of Chernogorsk

This is actually the regional government building for this entire section of Chernarus.

Industrial Area

Factory buildings and industrial facilities make up roughly half of the land area of Chernogorsk.

Northern Hospital

One of several hospital facilities in Chernogorsk, this one is located in the industrial zone.

Railroad Tracks

You will find railroad tracks snaking all over the city, but none more densely than this intersection in the industrial zone.

До свидания

Dah svidaniya!


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