Welcome to Berezino!

Translated from Russian, Berezino means “birch.”

Residential Area

At the southwestern end of Berezino, you’ll find many multi-story residential buildings.


Between the two major sections of urban area in the North and South of Berezino, there is a small section of normal houses.

The Hospital

This particular area in the city is prone to conflict due to the elevation of the buildings and the highly exposed water pump.

The Intersection

At the southwestern end of the city near the World War 2 memorial, there are roads that go in just about every direction.

Cow Fields

The city of Berezino is surrounded by farm fields, and cows regularly roam the open area.

The Football Field

Berezino has its own football field, complete with benches and goals.

Lumber Yard

One of the major sections of Berezino is an industrial area dedicated to processing lumber and loading it onto ships in the harbor.

The Harbor

Large cargo vessels once docked here.


Other factories accompany the lumber mill on the northern end of Berezino.


Additional multi-story residences surround the industrial zone.

Apple Orchard

One of many agricultural zones surrounding the city.


Lone houses dot the outer edges of the city.


Lone houses dot the outer edges of the city.

Construction Site

Beware the construction site. Many come here seeking fortune and instead lose everything.

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