Welcome to Chapaevsk!

Able to be seen from as far away as Pik Kozlova or Komarovo along the coast, this city is probably the most building-dense area in Chernarus except for Novodmitrovsk.

Feeling Small

From the ground, the towering apartment buildings make you feel very small.

Great View

Standing on the roof of certain buildings, it is possible to see as far away as the church in Chernogorsk.

Variety in the Middle

While the outside of the city may be all apartment buildings, the center has a variety: grocery stories, a military prison, a massive office building, and more.

Storage Units

Along the northern edge of the city, there is a whole block of storage units littered with wrecked vehicles.

Military Presence

Along with the military prison, there are military vehicles all over the place here. One can only wonder why their occupation of the city was so permanent.

Life in the Tenements

This is what the view of the city would be if you were living in one of these massive apartment buildings.

Commercial Block

The southwest corner of the city is home to most of the businesses here. There is an elaborate set of staircases and parking lots between all of them.

Corporate HQ

It is unknown what business may have occupied this massive office space, but this is the only other place you will see this commercial building besides the International Hotel in nearby Chernogorsk.


Chapaevsk is one of the few places in Chernarus with a convincing city skyline, tall buildings and all.

Military Prison

Here we see the lone military installation of the city, and one of the few military locations period along the southern coast.


Hope you don’t have a fear of heights! From up here, everything below is a blur. You would have an easy time waving to a friend on another rooftop, though.

Against the Woods

Here, we see how Chapaevsk is nestled into the tree-covered hillside behind Chernogorsk.


From the highest point, it is possible to see nearly all of Chapaevsk, most of Chernogorsk, and some of the surrounding towns of Dubky, Novoselky, and Balota — along with the airstrip.

Shared by Tatanko on June 22, 2015

A bonus round for the photographic series about the urban centers of Chernarus.

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