Cow Fields

The city of Berezino is surrounded by farm fields, and cows regularly roam the open area.

Bridge to the City

You must cross a bridge to enter the city when arriving from Prigorodki to the east.

Ruins of the International Hotel

Here, through the ruins, we can see City Hall.

Railroad Tracks

You will find railroad tracks snaking all over the city, but none more densely than this intersection in the industrial zone.

Sniper Hill

This small hill overlooking the city has become known as “Sniper Hill.” Once an idyllic spot for lovers to watch the sunset, now marksmen clad in ghillie suits perch themselves on this height to keep an eye over the city.

The Docks

Perhaps more than any other coastal town, Elektro makes heavy use of it’s beaches. There is a large, C-shaped dock here and buildings dot the coastline.

Come Back Soon!

Be careful when visiting the dangerous city of Elektro… but don’t stay away too long!

Remnants of Civility

In this city, it’s almost like the people never went away.

Apartment Blocks

Make no mistake, this is a bonafied city with apartment buildings and everything.

The Streets Tell a Story

More so than anywhere else, there are stranded and disabled cars everywhere in this city. That makes it difficult to drive your own vehicle through as these are essentially roadblocks. On the upside, many of these abandoned vehicles have items left behind as well.

City Hall

This building is [one of] the tallest in Chernarus. Though it is really nine stories tall, it has two floors of observation decks above that as well as a massive needle at the top. The uppermost deck has the best view in the whole city.


From the hilltop north of the city, we see the church that looks over the city. A fitting place to say goodbye!

Welcome to Severograd!

Translated from Russian, the name means “North City” — how fitting considering it’s size and location. The greater Severograd area includes a high school, a quarry, a summer camp, and three suburbs: Gvozdno, Mamino, and Troitskoe.

Watching You

The crane looms over all.


Hopefully your tour of Severograd was pleasant. Enjoy the view from Troitskoe…

Welcome to Svetlojarsk!

Known to most as simply “Svetlo,” this coastal harbor town lies near the northeastern corner of Chernarus and is the farthest city north along the coast. It consists of the city proper, the bay of Guba, and a single nearby suburb of Olsha.

The Church

This place always was and always will be a meeting place for groups of people… though these days it’s probably a little different.

What's Going On Here?

Svetlojarsk has perhaps one of the most confusing exchanges of railway in all of Chernarus.

Food Stands

Another city-like aspect of this oversized town is roadside food. There are several permanent stands established here in the center of the city.

Military Presence

Although Pavlovo and other cities may have nearby military installations, only Zelenogorsk actually houses a base. One can imagine that this may have made residents here feel safer — or maybe it had the opposite effect.

Green Mountain Tower

It would be impossible to showcase Zelenogorsk without pointing out the tower that looms in the distance no matter where you are: Green Mountain.

Life in the Tenements

This is what the view of the city would be if you were living in one of these massive apartment buildings.


Chapaevsk is one of the few places in Chernarus with a convincing city skyline, tall buildings and all.

Against the Woods

Here, we see how Chapaevsk is nestled into the tree-covered hillside behind Chernogorsk.


From the highest point, it is possible to see nearly all of Chapaevsk, most of Chernogorsk, and some of the surrounding towns of Dubky, Novoselky, and Balota — along with the airstrip.

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These are highlights from all nine parts of the series. Big thank you to everyone who enjoyed and supported the series. A new one will begin hopefully next week based on some of the smaller towns. Thanks for viewing! 🙂

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