Sure, we’ve all seen the shops people make in Chernarus… But I figured it was time to bring a little sexiness and romance back into the world. So, I opened Berezino’s first SECOND HAND SEX SHOPPE. Here’s some of the stock.

Before we opened, we decided to write and have a reading of some very special erotica that would be on sale.

It was a rousing success. Very sexy. Time to open!

We carried the finest in gently-used phallic objects, BDSM restraints, roleplaying masks, alcohol, condoms, all-natural potato Fleshlight and even a special breed of little blue berries that are great for virility and stamina! Very popular.

You can see me here haggling with a customer for one of our large Mean Green pleasure models for his crossbow

But business was slow before the server reset. So, we decided to bump up our profile…

There we go! A couple new lamps and a our sexy girl Mona, bumping and grinding to some music to bring the boys in.

Earning her wage to bring home the bacon… My bottom bitch.

ROLL UP! Maybe we’ll see you soon at the BEREZINO SECOND HAND SEX SHOPPE!

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