Shared by MULLAC on June 11, 2016

— my recording software wasn’t working —

took a break from .60 and jumped back into .59 for some guard work. i decided to hang around the berezino area while i waited for a friend to log in.

taking cover in the tree line up the hill from the police station i was watching for suspicious/ banditry activity.

about 10mins in to my session i saw a fresh spawn being chased, so i went to jump in. a few minutes of gun fire, i stood watch and observed the situation as i failed to reach the fresh spawn in time.

some shots missed me a while later, and more shots followed later, but not at me. more fresh spawns had died or so i thought, smoke was appearing from the police station window. after it cleared i decided to asses the situation and went into the station.

the result….

3 dead

and a whole load of human meat.

it would have been a different situation if i had jumped in sooner.

either the cannibal/s dies or me the one being eaten…..

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