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We’re polishing the SVD and getting it ready for addition to the game. Making sure it shoots straight, and all of that. It will come equipped by default with a PSO scope. For extra camo, attach some ghillie material to the rifle but don’t expect to find many of these fine specimens – the designers intend to regulate the number of them spawning in Chernarus via their central loot economy system.

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    Are there any plans to add in anything into the game like and new short-mid range rifle something like an sks but with shorter fire rate and more controllable recoil.

  • enough weapon please
    how many time i heard fron the dev that it is a survival game ,not a military bla bla bla
    double zombies ok but is this related to the incredible de sync ?
    what about those bug
    do they realyse that the simple bow is not working ?
    zombies are faster ? no they teleport right behing your ass in an instant
    watching streamers ,i have never seen so many m4 in game .personally in 1 year i have found 1 pc myself ,how do they refill the amo ?
    so servers are private for half a day and then public so the admin can enjoy all his nice stuff ?
    basically the game is that you should be a bambi running for not be eaten by other who are starving and then look for the admin and his group to knock them down with a stone as the axe is no longer working anymore
    would be cool to actually see those banana and pepper before to implement a SVD riffle
    by the way the heli spawn righ at the same place everytime ,just helping there as everybody know that but it dosent look like something we want to fix
    jeep and trucks they suppose to loot or not ? no just asking because that it is the major change of each patch .loot ,no loot ,then loot
    when i reach a big city i figure out if there is loot with the rate of fps ,easy if i slow down it s loot galore ,in the opposite there is absolutely nothing
    i know it s an alpha ,and i m totally find with that ,i enjoyed so many hours all ready with my 20 box
    it s just that i don t understand the logic at all of the work behind made
    i don t understand the statements of the dev in regard of what they want the game to be
    maybe it is time to say that your game is find like it is ,may be there is no really need of flying heli
    i ll just fix my game perfect like it is make it into beta as everyone will agree it is a great game
    and then the whole team will have time to work on the new game they are all ready dreaming about
    you know ,a food management game where you are starving after 10 minutes ,with some season so the tomatoes are not available in winter
    and also somewhere in the map a huge grocery for the admin to secure with his group
    but you gonna have to be carefull of ebola because there is a lot of bats at night
    you have to rp with other people to have sex six time a day ,otherwise you gonna have to stop quickly to wank as there is shacking symptom and you know all that stuff
    the diffficulty is that if you diden t find all ready touth brush you are screw as nobody want you ,the in game hub will tell you that you smell like a fox so it is up to you to correct it or not ,but be aware that if you are not successful you gonna have to wank 12 time per 24 hours and actually 24 hours in game is like 1 hour in real life so good luck to manage time for food