Shared by DazedCanadian on August 20, 2014

As mentioned in last weeks status update, work continues in refining persistent storage and ironing out any potential issues related to protecting user storage, and preventing abuse of the system. DayZ version 0.48 was pushed to stable branch during last weeks maintenance with the goal of addressing global voice abuse, camera collision abuse, global item cleanup, and the deployment of the player storage to limited DayZ dev hosted servers.
As we progress towards the August milestone goal of 0.49 at the end of the month, we will continue to iterate upon the experimental branch with bug fixes and 0.49 intended features.
Additionally worth mentioning is the intended cleanup of the stable hive to coincide with persistent storage and private shards being offered globally across stable branch.

It is our intent once we have addressed the core issues with abuse of item duping, as well as resolved issues with the protection of player storage and opened game server providers rental of private shards, to wipe the stable branch clean.
This will allow us to ensure a clean start on player storage and camps, as well as remove issues such as:

Bugged ammo quantity magazines
Corrupt characters
Duplicated items and ammunition

Peter / Lead Designer

“Greetings fellow survivors! I’m pleased to see you all enjoying the latest stable update which delivers the long awaited and needed item persistency.

Here in the design team we have had a very hectic week. We’ve focused on general bugfixing and the implementation of several new features – burlap sack/grass camo for Mosin-Nagant, sawed-off version of Mosin-Nagant, big leather sack, crafted arrows and others. These of course are already in game and you are probably asking what’s going on now?

We have currently extended our medical mechanics with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and they tie in nicely with the addition of the cattle prod, which can cause a player to be unconscious. One more dedicated melee weapon was added, the telescopic baton. We are also making progress also on advanced weather impact on player characters, soon you will be happy to have your raincoat packaged and to have pair of waterproof shoes.

Apart from that we focused on vehicle design. Things like how they will work, from what parts they will consist of, which vehicle models we bring in and other crucial questions were raised and answered. I’m sure everybody will be happy when vehicles hits the roads of Chernarus as we will have managed to bring nice mixture of mechanics.

I will keep you informed how vehicles comes along but meanwhile… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Standup notes for the week of 18 August 2014


Centralized loot economy
Centralized economy statistic tracking
Object persistence bugfixing
Network optimization
Melee system redesign and implementation
Inventory bugfixing
Audio system bugfixing


Completion of searching for berries
Completion of fishing animations
New restrained pose for crouched
Restrained crouch walk animations
Two handed throwing animations
Standing/Aim/Run Bow animations


Initial implementation of horticulture prototype
Adv. weather player impact design
Cattleprod & Telescoping baton configuration
Vehicle component design
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation design
General bugfixing


Balaclava models
Tree/Vegetation models
Horticulture containers
MP133 model
Improvised camouflage experimentation
Vehicle model design & discussion