As DayZ Standalone nears two years since its Early Access release, people often wonder what’s in store next for the development of the game. Though the community gets a steady stream of teasers and previews, along with Q&As and presentations chock full of information, it can be difficult to see and remember everything that lays ahead of us. Here for the benefit of everyone is a semi-comprehensive list of “every promise ever made” in the development of DayZ.

Within the next six months, the game will be transitioning to the Beta phase of development which means a switch from 85% content / 15% bug fixing to the exact opposite. For some, this statement by Hicks during the PAX Australia “Road to Beta” presentation was taken to mean that there wasn’t much left to be added to the game, or that the team had resigned itself to not meeting some of their Road Map goals prior to the game’s release. Hopefully this will help dispel the myth that DayZ isn’t getting much additional new content.

It is important to remember that anything on this list can change at any time, and many of the things you read about here may never make it into the game. Anything said by the author here is purely speculation based on time played and a keen interest in the development of the game (in other words: have your dump truck of salt ready). Included at the end is a section of ideas or concepts that were primarily considered in pre-release development by the game’s original creator; they are unlikely to make it into the game because they reflect earlier ambitions and a different direction for the game that has changed since the Standalone’s original conception over two years ago.

Table of Contents:
1. Animals
2. Chernarus+
3. Clothing
4. Equipment
5. Food & Drink
6. Game Engine & Programming
7. Infected (Zombies)
8. Mechanics
9. Plants
10. Sounds, Animations, Etc.
11. Vehicles
12. Weapons
13. Questionable / Old Development Guidelines

1. Animals

We already have a variety of animals in the game both wild and domestic, but there is still additional work to be done with fine-tuning the behavior and life cycle of these existing animals. There are also a number of animals that are on the way which have not yet been implemented, and they mostly fall into two categories: companions which will travel with the player, and predators that will present a PvE challenge to players.

1. Bear
-In the game files in 0.48.
2. Dog
-Given as an example of an animal companion early on.
-Mentioned by Hicks during PAX Aus presentation.
3. Hedgehog
-In the game files in 0.50.
4. Horse
-Implied by the presence of a Horse Pelt in the files.
-Mentioned by Hicks during PAX Aus presentation.
5. Mouflon
-In the game files in 0.57.
6. Wolf
-In the game files in 0.49.
7. Miscellaneous
-Birds are specifically mentioned on the 2015 Road Map.
-Insects have been mentioned but are unconfirmed.
-Predators (bears, wolves) and birds will be added when their programming is complete.

2. Chernarus+ (Map Changes / Additions)

The expansion of Chernarus to the North along with the addition of many new towns is nearly complete. From this point forward we will see a few new locations added such as the Tisy Military Base and a few smaller islands, but the primary focus for the map team will be updating existing locations that carried over from Arma 2. This will include what has been referred to as “devastation passes” of the map where areas that were previously untouched will look more post-outbreak, with destruction and remnants of the struggle.

Besides the map itself, there are a small handful of buildings that need to be made enterable yet. These include three industrial buildings, a church, and a barracks.

1. Chernogorsk
-Major overhaul; previewed in 15 Oct 2015 Status Report.
2. Elektrozavodsk
-Not confirmed, but safe to assume.
3. Military Base (Tisy)
-Will feature new structures, infected/irradiated areas, and high-value loot.
-Previewed during TwitchCon 2015 presentation.
4. Coastal Islands
-Confirmed by Hicks during 12 Nov 2015 Status Report Q&A.
5. New Buildings
a. Military Watchtower
-Nothing else unique confirmed, but Tisy Military Base will likely require additional new assets.
6. Newly Enterable Buildings
a. Giant “Silo” Building (questionable, already has extensive exterior)
b. High-top Tan/Blue Industrial Bldg.
c. Two-Chimney Industrial Bldg.
d. Medium-sized White Church
e. Military Barracks
7. “Devastation” Passes
a. Many, if not most, of the areas of the map will be altered to look more post-outbreak if they haven’t already.
-Discussed by Hicks in 08 July 2015 Status Report.

3. Clothing

Some players may think we have too many clothing choices already, but variety is king. Much of what is still left on the table is merely aesthetic alternatives to existing items, but there are a few functional pieces remaining as well. In particlar, a HAZMAT suit will need to be added eventually for players to survive new areas that have succumbed to infection or radiation.

1. 3/4 Length Pants
-Was supposed to be the very first female-specific clothing, per 22 Sept 2014 Status Report
-In the game files in 0.50.
2. ALICE Attachment System
-Confirmed by C.Torchia in Q&A on 22 Jan 2015.
3. Balaclava (“3-Hole”)
-In the game files in 0.59.
4. BDU Pants
-Previewed by C.Torchia via Trello on 30 Sep 2015.
5. Dress Pants
-In the game files in 0.55.
6. Fingerless Gloves
-Mentioned by C.Torchia in the 11 Aug 2014 Status Report.
-In the game files in 0.49.
7. Jumpsuit Jacket
-In the game files in 0.58.
8. Jumpsuit Pants
-In the game files in 0.58.
9. M53 Boulder Backpack
-In the game files in 0.57.
10. Orange Worker Safety Vest
-In the game files in 0.57.
11. Shorts
-In the game files in 0.51.
12. USMC Jacket (MCCUU)
-Previewed by C.Torchia on 26 May 2015.
13. White Coat
-In the game files in 0.58.
14. HAZMAT Suit
-Confirmed by Hicks at TwitchCon 2015.
-Pending; needed for new contaminated areas.

4. Equipment

By far the largest category of items yet to be implemented. We await resources from both plants and animals that haven’t made it into the game yet, base building materials to begin setting up advanced camps, vehicle repair components for both existing and future vehicles, and various player equipment needed for surviving or entertainment. Most interesting among this list are things like the Mobile Transceiver and the Radio, which promise to change player interaction in a big way.

1. Animal Resources
a. Bear Pelt
-In the game files in 0.51.
b. Horse Pelt
-In the game files in 0.53.
c. Mouflon Pelt
-In the game files in 0.53.
d. Wolf Pelt
-Unconfirmed; implied by the inclusion of Wolves.
2. Plant Resources
a. Cannabis seeds
-In the game files in 0.58.
b. Compost
-In the game files in 0.55.
c. Potato seeds
-In the game files in 0.53.
3. Base Building
a. Barbed Wire
-In the game files in 0.58.
b. Canvas Tarp
-In the game files in 0.59.
c. Electrical Extension Cord
-In the game files in 0.59.
d. Flood Light
-In the game files in 0.59.
e. Portable Generator
-In the game files in 0.59.
f. Sea Chest
-In the game files in 0.59.
g. String Lights
-In the game files in 0.59.
h. Wooden Case
-In the game files in 0.59.
4. Vehicle Repair
a. Aviation Fuel
-Discussed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
b. Brake Fluid
-In the files in 0.54.
c. Bus Wheel
-Implemented as of 0.59.
d. Car Battery
-Implemented as of 0.59.
e. Car Radiator
-In the files in 0.57.
f. Control Unit
-Previewed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
g. Electrical Wires
-Previewed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
h. Headlamp Bulb
-Implemented as of 0.59.
i. Helicopter Battery
-Discussed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
j. Hydraulic Fluid
-Discussed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
k. Hydraulic Hoses
-Previewed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
l. Igniter Plug (helicopter)
-Discussed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
m. Motor Oil
-Discussed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
n. Pitch Link
-Previewed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
o. Transmission Oil
-Discussed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
p. Truck Exhaust
-In the files in 0.51.
q. Truck Radiator
-In a build of 0.57 Experimental.
r. Rear Rotor Blade
-Previewed in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
s. Spark Plug
-Implemented as of 0.59.
t. V-Belt
-In the files in 0.55.
u. Windscreen (Box)
-In the files in 0.57.
5. Blood Pressure Monitor
-In the files in 0.44.
6. Butane Canister
-In a build of 0.57 Experimental.
7. Butane Torch
-Shown in early promotional picture.
8. Candle
-In the game files in 0.50.
9. Cigarettes
a. Pack of cigarettes also.
-In the files in 0.58.
10. CO2 Canister
-In the files in 0.58.
11. Cooking Clock
-In the files in 0.58.
12. “D” Battery
-In the game files in 0.50.
12. Dextroamphetamine
-In the files in 0.57.
13. Fishing Rod
-In the files in 0.59.
14. Glass Bottle (Vodka)
-In the files in 0.50.
15. Megaphone
-Previewed by C.Torchia on 19 Jun 2015.
16. Mess Tin
-In a build of 0.57 Experimental.
17. Milk bottle
-In the files of 0.57.
18. Mobile Audio Transceiver
-Previewed by Peter on 20 Aug 2015.
19. Petrol Lighter
-In the files in 0.53.
20. Radio
-In a build of 0.56 Experimental.
a. Cassette
-In the game files in 0.50.

5. Food & Drink

One area of development that has not seen much that’s new in a while. In the last few updates we’ve seen necessary updates to the cooking process, but we don’t yet know what kind of advanced cooking we may end up with (i.e. recipes). For now however, there are a few items you can expect. New fruits will come from their respective trees, vodka will likely be a lootable item in previously shown glass bottles, and eggs may be obtainable from chickens or chicken coops in the future.

1. Egg
-In the game files in 0.57.
2. Marmalade
-In the game files in 0.51.
3. Pear
-In the game files in 0.57.
4. Plum
-In the game files in 0.57.
5. Vodka
-Glass bottle in files in 0.50.
-Liquid itself confirmed by Peter via Twitter on 22 Jan 2015.

6. Game Engine & Programming

Here’s where things begin to get murky and less straightforward. The game engine itself is still a heavy work-in-progress, and is currently going through a very tumultuous time as bits and pieces are slowly implemented into the public-facing builds of DayZ Standalone. What you’ll find below is an overview of previously stated goals and ideas, but it is likely that the majority of it will eventually make it into the game.

1. Audio
a. 3D Positional Ambient Sound.
b. More complex audio triggers and combinations.
-Discussed by Hicks in 23 Jun 2015 Status Report.
2. Console Support
a. Xbox One
-Announced at E3 2015.
b. PlayStation 4
-Announced at Gamescom 2014.
3. New UI
a. Complete visual and functional overhaul.
b. New on-screen icons.
-Able to be toggled off eventually.
c. Helps support changes to other new systems.
-Able to be previewed using -newui launch parameter since 0.55.
4. Oculus Rift Support
a. Maybe, but not prior to 1.0.
-Mentioned in 13 Sep 2014 dev stream.
5. Physics System
a. Currently running both new and old systems as the new one is being developed an implemented. This means there are lots of bugs and performance is less than optimal until the old one is removed.
6. Player Controller
a. Overhaul of player actions
-Example: press and hold to eat, rather than “Eat All.”
-Enables players to be moving and performing an action simultaneously.
-Eliminates mouse wheel for choosing action, based on context and duration of action.
-Differing actions based on what you do: ie.. weak versus powerful swing when clicking or holding mouse button with a melee weapon in your hands.
-Discussed at length on numerous occasions by Peter; too many times to cite.
b. Passive player movements
-“Cough, sneeze, fever and more.”
-Mentioned in 27 Oct 2014 Status Report
c. New Animation System
-Previewed many times by V. Kostik.
-See: “Sounds, Animations, etc.” section.
7. Player Statistics
a. Developer API
b. Steam achievements
-Mentioned in 2014 and 2015 Road Maps.
8. Precise Object Placement
-Previewed by Peter on 11 Feb 2015.
9. Renderer
a. Multiple cascade shadow maps
-Mentioned in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
b. Improved rain (postprocess)
-Mentioned in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
c. Improved HDR & Glow (postprocess)
-Mentioned in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
d. Multithread optimization
-Mentioned in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
e. Water rendering (ponds, ocean)
-Mentioned in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
f. Improved sky
-Mentioned in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
-Using the TrueSky software (
g. Improved fog
-Mentioned in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
h. Improved nighttime
-Work-in-progress since pre-release.
10. Reporting System
a. Eugen would like to see a way for players to be able to report hackers and other issues from in-game.
-Last discussed around the time of 0.55, and included tie-ins with VAC which is not been discussed for some time.
11. Scripting
a. New scripting language: EnScript (300% faster).
b. Already implemented to a degree, entirely for internal functions (not available to players yet).
-Discussed by Hicks during Q&A for 15 Oct 2015 Status Report.
12. Server Abilities
a. Max player count eventually supposed to reach 100, currently at 50 or 75.
b. Server uptime goal is 24 hours.
-Discussed by Hicks at RTX 2015.
13. Server Join Queue
-Confirmed in Eugen Q&A on 20 Apr 2015.
14. Server Package
a. Full release of everything necessary to run your own server (on your own hardware).
-Won’t happen until at least Beta.
15. Single Player Mode
a. Allows for testing of mods without the need for a server and offers an offline mode for play (64-bit client only).
-Announced by Hicks at RTX 2015.
16. Steam Community Integration
a. Steam Workshop (mods, maps)
-Mentioned in 2015 Road Map.
17. Weapon Spawns
a. Currently, only empty weapons spawn. Eventually, they will spawn with mags, ammo, attachments, or some combination of those. Possibly even painted/colored.
-Mentioned by Hicks in 01 Sep 2014 Status Report.

7. Infected (Zombies)

Without much to document in terms of future zombie behavior, there is only one thing to focus on with the future of infected: their appearance and equipment. Rather than being a small set of pre-generated models, future zombies will be a variety of blank templates to which clothing and equipment will be applied. This will allow for a much greater mix of infected among the larger set, and hopefully give players something to loot from dead zombies as well.

1. Templates
a. “Hoppers” coming back?
-Not confirmed.
b. New models
-Fat man
-Old woman (“Tereza”)
c. Zeds being changed into blank templates which then have outfits/equipment applied to them.
-Examples shown: firefighter, prisoner, etc.

8. Mechanics

Aside from the engine that runs DayZ, the mechanics built into it are the most important part. These define what you’re able to do and how you do it. This list is fairly extensive, but the vast majority of it should be in the final product. Big features yet to be implemented include base building, hazardous areas, player lifespan, and player stamina.

1. Animal Behavior
a. Aggressive carnivores
b. “Life cycle”
-Mentioned many times in discussion throughout development.
2. Animal Companions
a. Dog
-Mentioned early on by Dean.
b. Horse
-Mentioned by Hicks during PAX Aus presentation.
3. Base Building, Barricading, & Storage
a. Hidden stashes
-Previewed by Peter on 11 Nov 2015.
b. Electricity Grid
-Generator, lights, refrigerator
-PA Control Panel
-Previewed by Peter on 03 Sep 2015.
c. World containers
-Larger variety
-Finished behavior
d. Barricading
-Fences, boarded windows, etc.
-Might come after base building.
-Last discussed by Hicks in 15 Oct 2015 Status Report.
e. Persistence
-A method for refreshing an entire base/area rather than having to do all individual items.
-Discussed by Hicks at RTX 2015.
4. Cooking
a. Advanced recipes
b. Drying food (instead of cooking it)
-First mentioned by Hicks in 24 Feb 2015 Status Report, last mentioned in 22 Apr 2015 Status Report.
5. Crafting & Survival
a. Advanced Crafting (Workbenches)
-Rail systems, improvised scope mounts, barrel swaps, etc.
-Confirmed by C.Torchia in 13 Oct 14 Status Report.
b. Craftable Shelter
-Confirmed in Eugen Q&A on 20 Apr 2015.
6. “Hardcore” Mode
a. Has had different definitions over time.
b. Early on, defined as no 3PP and no hide body option (implying that bodies would be semi-permanent).
c. Modern definition includes a long respawn timer (hours, days, etc.).
-Last discussed by Hicks in 05 Jan 2015 Status Report.
7. Hazardous Areas
a. Players will encounter certain areas of the map that are infected/irradiated and will need special equipment in order to avoid or mitigate health issues.
-Discussed by Hicks at TwitchCon 2015.
8. Hoticulture
a. Herbalism
-It is not confirmed, but is expected, that upon the introduction of mushrooms to the game there will be an associated mechanic. Since mushrooms have varying effects on the human body, it would be important to know what those effects are and how to utilize them to your advantage (such as for medicinal purposes).
9. Infection
a. Expanded number of diseases (and causes).
b. Further ability to transfer disease via clothing and other items.
-Cannot confirm.
10. Inventory Management
a. Changing amounts of capacity based on condition of clothing (less when damaged)
-Discussed in 06 May 15 Status Report.
11. Item Temperature
a. Described initially in the 28 Feb 2014 Status Report when talking about cooking, it was originally planned that items would be able to be either hot OR cold (shown by blue tile instead of red for hot). This has never been seen, and certainly would have practical uses.
12. Player Lifespan
a. Soft skills
-Resource Gathering (i.e. greater percentages when harvesting meat)
b. Visual indicators of time survived
-Beards (male)
-Bloody hands/arms after carving up a person/animal.
-Previewed in 30 Oct 2015 Status Report.
-All discussed by Hicks at RTX 2015.
13. Player Stamina
a. Weight of objects
-Weight already implemented, stamina to come later.
14. Traps
a. Expanded variety?
b. Finished functionality
15. Vehicle Repair
a. Separate items for each vehicle type.
b. Tools necessary to complete repairs.
c. Vehicles can be damaged just like anything else.
-Body panels and wheels may be lost or visibly/functionally damaged.
-Previewed on 15 Oct 2015.
-Discussed by Peter in 18 Aug 2015 Status Report.
16. Vehicle Interaction
a. Manual transmission
-Implemented as of 0.59.
b. Shooting while seated in/on vehicle
-Confirmed in Eugen Q&A on 20 Apr 2015.
c. Functional mirrors (rear-view cameras)
-Previewed by Peter on 25 Nov 2014.
d. Vehicle part destruction (see above)
17. Weapon Interaction
a. Manual reload for internal magazines
b. Improved handling of external magazine & clip manipulation
c. Revamped system of holding breath for firing a gun (already in?)
d. Clearing & chambering (bolt, pump, or lever-action… any non-auto)
-Discussed by Peter in 23 Jun 2015 Status Report.
18. Writing on Items
a. Players may eventually be able to write a note on any item. This would only be visible in the menu, not on the graphical item itself. An example of use would be to mark what type of blood is in a blood bag.
-Mentioned by Peter on Reddit 05 Dec 2014.

9. Plants

Much of what we should expect from horticulture has already been implemented. In terms of the mechanic itself, most functions of growing and harvesting plants are already available. What we will see in the future are new plants with non-food purposes behind them such as mushrooms and cannabis. It’s possible that additional states of condition will be added for food items as well (beyond raw, cooked, burnt, rotten) such as dried and decomposed.

1. Cannabis
a. Cannabis (fruit, seeds)
-In the game files in 0.58.
b. “Dime Bag”
-Mentioned in standup notes for 01 Sep 2014 Status Report.
2. Mushrooms
a. Agaricus
-In the game files in 0.55.
b. Amanita
-In the game files in 0.55.
c. Auricularia
-In the game files in 0.58.
d. Boletus
-In the game files in 0.57.
e. Lactarius
-Discovered via data mining in 0.59.
f. Psilocybe
-In the game files in 0.58.
3. Trees
a. All-new trees were stated as a goal at one point (C. Torchia).
4. Condition / Status
a. In the Q1 Status Report, additional states of condition beyond just fresh and rotten were shown. They included burnt(?) and totally decomposed.

10. Sounds, Animations, Etc.

A broad category encompassing a few different areas of the game. With the implementation of the new player controller in the near future, we will see many more animations added to the game (or changed from earlier, inadequate ones). The end result should result in more natural interaction between a player and their environment, and fewer gaps where an animation doesn’t exist for something you want to do with your character.

More options for customizing your character, including new “heads,” will come eventually. Expect most weapon sounds to be overhauled between now and 1.0 as well.

1. Animations
a. Chambering weapons
-Previewed on 23 Jun 2015 and 16 Nov 2015.
b. Falling
-Previewed on 23 Jun 2015.
c. Gestures
-Rock, Paper, Scissors
-Rifle hold (over the shoulder)
-S.O.S. (arm waving)
-Previewed by V.Kostik on 20 Aug 2015.
d. Injured movement (standing, kneeling, crawling)
-Players that are injured will have a different movement set.
-Players may be unable to use certain items depending on their particular injury.
-Discussed by V.Kostik in the 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
2. Character Customization
a. New player heads.
-Previewed on 4 Aug 2015.
3. Weapon Sounds
a. Many guns are getting new, more model-specific sounds for things like firing and reloading.
-Previewed on 15 Oct 2015.

11. Vehicles

Now that initial prototyping of vehicles has been done using the V3S, we’ll see more and more of them added to the game. The Offroad and Sedan have been added to 0.59, the Bus should be in before 0.59 hits Stable, and there are no fewer than seven additional vehicles or variants that will eventually be included. Currently we have only land vehicles, but air and water will join later as well.

1. Bicycle
-Confirmed by Peter in 21 Jul 15 Status Report.
2. Boats
-Confirmed by Peter in 21 Jul 15 Status Report.
3. Dirtbike (Enduro)
-Previewed in 23 Sep 2015 Status Report.
4. Offroad Hatchback (Lada Niva)
-Implemented as of 0.59 (in Experimental).
5. Little Bird Helicopter (MH-6)
-Previewed at TwitchCon 2015.
6. Plane (fixed-wing)
-Mentioned by Peter in 21 Jul 15 Status Report.
7. Sedan (GAZ-24 Volga)
-Implemented as of 0.59 (in Experimental).
8. Transit Bus (Ikarus)
-Initially previewed by V.Kostik via Twitter on 19 May 2015.
9. V3S (Command variant)
-Discussed in 22 Sep 2014 Status Report, still mentioned in 24 Nov 14 Status Report.
10. Van
-In the game files in 0.59.
11. Changes to Vehicle Maintenance
a. Vehicle-specific operational fluids: aviation fuel, diesel, gasoline… brake, transmission, and motor oil.
-Confirmed by Hicks in E3 2015 presentation.

12. Weapons

More than any other category, weapons have fluctuated the most over the course of development. As such, this list contains a few items that are somewhat questionable. Priorities and needs have changed, and sometimes an idea doesn’t look as good in hindsight once it has been tested. We may never see some of these items, but everything here has been considered or even worked on at some point.

Most of what remains to be implemented are weapons that occupy a particular niche. Heavy weapons are well represented on this list in the form of machine guns and explosives. We also have a range of attachments and non-lethal weapons that have yet to make their debut, some of which will not come until functionality is added to the new industrial workshops containing crafting stations.

1. Ammunition
a. 40mm Grenade
-Assumed based on the M203 in the game files.
b. 40mm Caseless Grenade
-Assumed based on GP-25 in the game files.
c. Battery cartridge (Taser)
-Previewed on 20 Aug 2015.
d. RPG-7 Grenade
-In the files in 0.59.
e. Rubber bullets
-Mentioned by Peter in Q&A 14 Jan 2015.
f. Syringe Dart
-In the files in 0.59.
g. Tracer Rounds
-Confirmed by Hicks in Q&A for 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
2. Attachments
a. 100 Rnd Beta C-Mag
-Mentioned in standup notes for 01 Sep 2014 Status Report.
-In the game files in 0.49.
b. 30Rnd Steyr AUG mag
-In the game files in 0.51.
c. AUG Bipod
-Included in the AUG teaser via C.Torchia on Twitter, 14 Nov 2014.
d. Desert Eagle magazine
-In the game files in 0.56.
e. Glock 19 magazine
-In the game files in 0.59.
f. Picatinny rail (AUG attachment for mounting ACOG, H-Bar style)
-Confirmed by C.Torchia in 13 Oct 14 Status Report.
g. Red Dot sight
-Previewed by C.Torchia on 14 Jul 2015.
h. RPG-7 Bipod
-In the game files in 0.59.
i. RPG-7 Scope
-In the game files in 0.59.
3. Modifications
a. Procedural coloring
-Originally previewed in 22 Sep 2014 Status Report, confirmed for “eventual” implementation by Hicks in Q&A for 12 Nov 2015 Status Report.
4. Dart Gun
-Previewed on Trello via C.Torchia on 20 Aug 2015.
5. Desert Eagle
-In the game files in 0.56.
-Previewed by C.Torchia on 16 Sep 2015.
7. Glock 19
-Previewed on Trello via C.Torchia on 18 Sep 2015.
8. GP-25
-In the game files since early on.
9. M1 Garand
-Dev wishlist, as of PAX 2014.
10. M203
-In the files since early on.
11. M249 Para
-Previewed on Trello via C.Torchia on 12 Nov 2015.
12. PKM
-Confirmed as a “companion” to the M249 on 12 Nov 2015.
-Probable use as a vehicle-mounted weapon.
13. Recurve Bow
-Previewed by C.Torchia on 04 Jun 2015.
14. Remington 870
-Shown at Gamescom 2013.
15. RPG-7
-Previewed on Trello via C.Torchia on 20 Oct 2015.
16. Saiga 12K
-Previewed on Trello via C.Torchia on 30 Oct 2015.
17. Taser
-Previewed on Trello via C.Torchia on 20 Aug 2015.

13. Questionable / Old Development Guidelines

As stated in the introduction, this category is full of things that are highly unlikely to make it into the final game. Most of these are from pre-release when Dean Hall was still in charge of the project and prior to the decision of expanding the scope of the game that followed the its success in Early Access. That being said, these are at least fun to look at.

1. The “Humanity” System
a. Dean originally promised in the 15 Feb 2013 dev blog, when asked via Twitter, that the humanity system would continue to see advancement throughout the development of the Standalone.

2. Diet
a. Dean originally stated in the 8 Mar 2013 dev blog in regard to food, that there would be “longterm play effects such as poor diet affecting your long term health levels.”
b. He hoped that this would force players to create a “longterm plan for survival of your character,” and “we’re sure the role of medical specialists will become very important – hopefully emphasizing social interaction opportunities.”

3. Looting and Empty Cans
a. Also in the 8 Mar 2013 dev blog, Dean seemed interested in placing an emphasis on what happens to your garbage. “Consuming your bounty now results in rubbish, such as empty cans after consuming your beans. This is no mere gimick, because your trash can be used to track you.”

4. Community-Written Books
a. In the 15 Apr 2013 dev blog, Dean makes mention of books written by the community being added to the game.

5. Island of Utes
a. In the 05 Feb 2013 Dev Blog, Dean showcases an early attempt at shoehorning the island of Utes into Chernarus+ right off the coast near Skalisty.
b. This is extremely unlikely to ever be added.

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A collection of all the available information regarding development of the Standalone into 2016.

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