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Joined a random private server yesterday. spawned on coast of electro and found that there’s a bs rght next to me, i was like hell yeah im going to take that bus for a ride, as soon i checked the contents, it needed only one battery and a spark plug, i was even more happy to find all wheels in, anyway, kept on searching shacks and avoiding shot sounds, found a battery, was really tocked at that momnent, back to put it in the bus and i found a guy speaking to me
i told him that i was friendly and that if he wants to help me repair the bus, we needed only a spark plug, the guy was really happy to help. and he always called me omar the bus driver. any way searched for few moments to find another dude, and he was friendly too, i was happy to find those two people.. after a while i found the glow plug,, and we were so happy, everyone was screaming of joy. and two more people joined, after thati drover the bus to cherno, but i didn’t know how to
get out of electro because it was so laggy for me. so i stopped to go reverse, one of the guys who i took, comes u and shoots me with his chambred mp5, says that he want to drive the bus, kept bleeding and driving away from that dude. to keep everyone safe.after a while they bandadged me. thanks to them. any way we reach cherno.and as i reach the easstern gas station some guy with 9mm pistol starts shooting at the bus and me. got hit again, and stopped the bus because everyone started to tell me to, (to go after that guy). they went after him and killed him.
and as they came back towards the bus a guy with mosin had shot one our friends dead, his name was sorido.(forgive me for the bad selling BRO.) any way i kept on reviving him for like 15 min. as the other guys went after the mosin guy. but sorido never got up. ran to hosipatal, found some epiphene and saline but no iv start kits, went back and he was still unconcouis, went to hosipatal again, to try find of the new spawned loot something to help him, and there was nothing but blood bags and blood test kits.
so i had and idea. may be i can get someone’s blood if he’s a O-. that’s a international doner right?
so i gathered everyone up, gavee them blood test kits, and yet none was an O-.
i felt bad for poor sorido. he was very helpful, gave alot of food for everyone else. went to hosipatal again just to find anything to help him.. but yet nothing at all.
and as i ran back i heard my people laughing.. sorido was there he died and respawned near.
i told them that we need to go away from freshies with guns. and we need to move north from electro. and they agreed.
so we drove back to elektro. found a couple more people. and took them with us.
at this moment i had like 10 peoplpe in the bus with me, and all were friendly.
so we drive to elektro. to find another dude with a shotty who was really exited to come for the ride. and we were too. but the guy got kicked in the middle of the street and we didn’t wait.. (Sorry man, elektro is dangerous.)
after that we started heading north. told them that we are going to make only one stop at stary and after that VMC or NWAF may be. everyone agreed.
headed to stary, sang some silly songs about buses and stuff. had some laughs and i told em one of my dayz stories. and then we heard a woohoo for the bus. so we all got out looking for that guy but we couldn’t find him.. after that moved on and one of the assengers got shot and went unconcouis.
i was pissed because the guy wasn’t on the floor, he was in the car and none of us couldn’ve bandaged him. and then he woke u. and me and 3 guys who were with me ke on yelling telling him to get out so we can bandage him. and we saved one more.
moving on i drove to stary sorido was complimenting my driving skills, told them that i will post what ever haens here in DayZ TV and they should check it out and comment on it.
and we reached novy sabor. went down to loot and eat and drink. had a couple of laughs. and depart with sorido and his friend. it was a sad moment.
after that we went on to stary. got there and started looting for some more stuff. and at that moment only 6 of us were left..
and after looting there was only 5. so we waited for the fifth guy. after 5 min we saw another guy. and we invited him to our bus and our party. he was hay to see the bus working and we were hapy find more people to help.
anyway we reached VMC. everyone went down to find some military stuff. and i was really laggy at that moment. so i told them i will log off and restart my pc so i can play better and they all agreed. after i restarted. i heard them talking about something shot, and i never saw them.. they were all gone…
i waited for them like 15 min. but none was there.. so i started running circling the VMC and looking around hoping to find one, the bus, the loot, everything was there..
suddenly the guys we picked at stary shows u. telling me that all my friends are dead.. i was shocked. he told me that someone stold the bus battery, and my friends ran off after him. and they investigated him in the green house.after that the theif killed them all, and he killed him..
so i told him that how sad this means for me.. and after a sec. he told me that he needs to have a saline bag. i agreed. and he made one and threw it on the ground.i icked it u to give it to him. as i did that i started talking to him, telling him how hay i am just to make those eole love dayz as it is.. but i couldn’t finish that sentence.. the guy killed me as i was (trying) to help him.
what makes me really sad is that was all on a private server.. a server where i run from killing people just for fun at NWAF. a server where i talk before i shoot. a server where i give more than i take..
but still it’s dayz.. im so happy that i’ve met (Road man, sorido, Grandpa, and everyone else that i couldn’t get their names.) thank you guys…
thank you for making me believe in dayz.. Again..
Loved that time… and appreciated it..


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    That was awesome ( it’s isidro, not sorido ^^ ), a beautiful roadtrip, and a beautiful photo ! thank you for this moment, with that, i can continue to think in dayz me too !

    I was the guy with the medival helmet (grandpa) who sticked around until the very end at VMC!!
    DUDEEEE ive got alot of story to tell, after you had to stay at the bus at vmc and someone stole our battery!
    We came to the green building as you said, there we killed one guy and the other one was holding the stairs. then Paul and me rushed at the guy, paul went uncouncious and i killed the guy. I told the guy who just joined us and came with us that we need to bandage him. I shouldve said: you bandage him! but instead i started doing it and realised i didnt actually know that guy we came with that well. But of course it was too late and he unloaded like 15 bullets into me.. ruined all the gear and killed paul. thats why we never returned!!! we actually got the thief but the betrayer was still among us.. that was one of the most amazing nights ever in dayz! we had pretty much every kind of encounter..

    • after that he then went back to the bus to tell you a wrong story, get blood and then kill the last one remaining of the whole group (YOU).. that was just insanely evil and cheap, but it was just the perfect dayz ending for a story like that.. its just that way.. there is just no HAPPY END in dayz!
      I would love to play with you again zodiak! amazing times 😀

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    This guy :(. We where all friendly to one another and he ruined it. Not only for this day even. It shows again that there a lot of assholes out there and u cant trust nobody 100% cause u ´do not know for sure if he/she will take an opportunity to backstab ya. Anyway it still was an awsome time with u guys!
    AND EVERYBODY: “This is tha BANANA BUS!!!”

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    oh my friend… it’s a good thing that we dropped you back at stary.. our ending was,, not pleasant to say the least..
    and thanks for all the compliments that you made about my driving.. hahaha i loved it.

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    all of you.. for one last time…. peerip peerip!

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    I ask you on steam this week-end 😉

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    you guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys
    cant believe i found you.. im so happy to meet you guys again.. im really sorry that i couldn’t help you back at VMC. i wished that i was there at least to help.. any way don’t worry. we definitly should do that once more.. i don’t know what i have in mind right know probably something stupid as a tire shop. or a great farm on the coast.. i always do stupid friendly stuff when in on private.
    if you care to join me guys i will be thrilled. my steam ID is Dethclock666, you’re more than welcome to anything im doing at any moment..
    you were the perfect group i had .. the best dayz experience too..