RTX 2016 -- DayZ 60 Players, 60 Frames, .60

Presented by Brian Hicks, Creative Director

0.60 Milestone Goals

* Enfusion Renderer Initial Implementation

* Randomized Attachments & Random Items (in cargo)

* New Reload Mechanics

* 60 Players Per Instance

Enough About .60...

DayZ .61 Milestone Goals:

* Server Login Queue

* Arma 3 Eden Audio Tech Merge

* Weapon Sounds Update

* Dynamic Spawning of Infected

Server Login Queue

* No more login impact on server performance

* UI element informing of position in queue

* Queue size/capacity a server level configuration option

Audio Engine Update

* Merged to DayZ thanks to helpful collaboration w/ Arma devs

* Significantly more robust control over how audio is configured

* Attenuation curves, filters, and so much more

* Massive upgrade from legacy RV audio capabilities

* Initial implementation will focus on existing firearms

Dynamic Spawning for Infected

* DayZ Mod spawned infected and loot via triggers

* This allowed the mod to “feel” like there were far more infected

* DayZ SA moved away from triggers — and handles this globally

* Areas are configured with the zone tool for min/max per player

* “Restock” or respawn values allow players to clear areas out

Configuring Spawns via Zone Tool

– – –

Predator AI (Wolves)

* This will be the first implementation of predator AI

* Wolves operate in a pack

* Saturation/population will need to scale as we move forward

* As with infected AI — we need to slowly increase

* Server performance is a constant priority focus for us

Shared by Tatanko on July 1, 2016

Slide transcripts from the DayZ presentation by Creative Director Brian Hicks at RTX 2016.