Shared by Zacawaski plays DayZ on February 27, 2017
“ | Build A Base | 24Day | 4hr Restart | RolePlay”

I was bumbling around in the far north, found this massive player base, and decided it would be donated to a good cause. In all, I managed to make off with a plethora of magazines, and attachments an SVD, and a kitted out AKM and MP5. I already had the M4 and FAL. I can’t believe they didn’t have one FAL magazine. Those things are so rare.

Anyways, I did this on the server mentioned above. I packed all the tents except one and left a note in it. All the gear that was left should be gone by the time this squad logs back on. This is my first time discovering a huge player base, and I have to say, it was not a disappoint!

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