Shared by newt on December 30, 2016

I really do have a lot of time on my hands to play the best game ever. I tried hard to reach this milestone before this years end. I reached it and I am happy.
Even some my friends have healthy times played on this game


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    All you have to do is leave your pc on overnight with dayz on

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      Yes sir, You can do that, BUT I do not do that. a Few hours can be subtracted yes for being afk for coffee breaks, phone calls, quick family duties or an interruptive task that needed attention etc etc. I did however 3 times before had a problem where I would try to turn on DayZ, but my pc says it is an instance of the program is already running but it was not. I ctrl,alt,del and it is not even running there, but I could not open my game. I had to force restart my pc and it gets fixed that way. Always wondered if anyone else had this problem before.
      I have been questioned about the legit sake of these hours before, but I can only say this.
      Even if you would want to take away 240 hours of that (which comes down to 10 whole days) it is still a lot of hours.
      And, I am a medically retired guy with nothing else on my hands accept time. I found DayZ and I loved it a lot and I still do. I do not play anything else anymore and if I can say this – I think I know this game better than most people do. I am not a combat hardened veteran like most pvp’ers, but I know the map like the back of my hand, found secrets, to this game and I see so easily how the map is connected for navigation, things most people would take for granted. I have seen its development from the beginning till now and I am maybe one of the most positive believers on what the Devs are trying to give us.
      The fact is that there is nothing else like DayZ and I do not think that I would give up on it that quick anytime soon.
      I got many friends who could attest to me playing and loving this game so much.

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      This actually doesn’t work. Steam deducts the hours you’ve gained after there’s been no response from the keyboard or mouse.

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    Grtz Buddy, you finally reached that 6k hours, so whats the next goal, skinning 70 wolfs?, or camping tisy for a whole week none stop to rake up all those kills :P, jokes, but well done, look forward to playing agani!

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    hehe n1 bud

    if your looking for anyone to play with sometimes come join the bluefish teamspeak as most of us are 40-50 plus , watch out tho were all a bit nutz 😛

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      Hi, Yes i met you guys before. Got bluefish and -luc- and some others as friends on steam. Maybe you’ll remember me from this time where i reported hackers to bluefish himself. I was questioned about the authenticity by some others of your group about hacker info, but I supplied him video evidence and that was enough for him to know that i tried to help your server. Those guys got banned and I grew quiet from you guys. Will want to get in touch again though.

      I was running around as shade (or I am still shade) but I am playing all the time now all over with my mute character called “newt”