Shared by newt on September 20, 2016

Prayer Chapels, That is what I call them. Am I right or does it have another name or meaning.

Why is it too that that they spawn more ammo then anything else. This one was well hidden just south of Severograd and to me it is the most beautiful looking one that is built on the rivers edge with a wooden deck to enter it. Must be so peaceful there. I am kind of looking for them all as they intrigue me a lot as to there locations they are built at.


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    Wow shade, I’ve been to every chapel, I have over 2000+ hours in DayZ. I’ve been to every know part of the map, every village. Still more forest to explore but I’ve found all the know chapels and this is one I’ve never seen. What a great find! 🙂 If you want to know a hidden one, it’s in the end of Turovo where the factory is, look towards south west/east where a rock line should be. It’s sitting their happily and unnoticed… Good luck!

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      You would not believe me but that Turovo one above the rocks is just about the first one I took notice of. I always seen the Svet one and though bleh!, just another thingy but something is interesting bout them.
      I am an avid DayZ book collector and I have with the help of some really good friends again collected almost all the books we feel are still available in DayZ today and the only book I find in them is the normal Black Bible. I just wish they would add the Blue Bible – The Bible – King James Version – Book 18: Job and the Pink Bible – The New Testament.
      I see no reason why they removed them and also for what reason do they all over post The New Testament with small letters like “the new testament”

      Sorry, going off topic but these chapels should house more of these books or any books for that matter as I find it hard to believe people would somehow have forgotten gun stashes and ammo supplies there.

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    I love those little chapels, people always seems the forget to loot it but there you can find weapons and ammo.