Shared by hwk on April 29, 2015

“Our Environment Lead, Senchi has been working on several changes to Chernarus + for 0.57 and on – but looking at 0.56 we’ll be seeing the new Village Potraviny (Store) placed across the map, as well as a refactoring of some of the key police station locations along the coastal regions. In addition, time allowing – we will see some small changes to the iconic Stary Sobor barn location as well.” B. Hicks


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    As long as there a reason to really visitit i guess its ok

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    i think chernarus should only have about 4 cities and small towns. I sense no need for svetlojarsk, and with sevrograd already north then whats the point of Novo being less than 2 kilo’s away? and there is another town in between them! #PreventChernarusDeforestation #SaveTheTrees

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    I feel like the towns up north will have way better loot, so people will actually go there! πŸ™‚

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    Do you know what would be cool? A huge city on the coast. And by huge do not mean “cities” like Cherno, or Elektro which in real life would be just small towns. I mean a really huge metroply to explore localized for example between Kamyshowo and Solnichy factory. Just imagine city with subway, shopping centres, museums , full of wrecked cars, and abandoned police barricades. There could be also a some kind of factory buildings which you could actually explore (full of diffrent passages and hidden secrets), not just run in and out like in the current buildings. I think with possibilites of new renderer it could be possible to do something like this. Maby even some communistick themed skyscrapers? Becouse right now, there is nothing to explore in current cities. You cant even feel the post-apo atmosphere in most of them, they look like they were abandoned yesterday and there wasnt any riots or panic happening… Devs cm`on devs! broken windows and few wrecks aren`t enought to build an atmosphere of disaster and apocalypse! Oh by the wayand new village store looks cool.