Shared by Medallicator on September 1, 2015

I had an idea about implementing an new way to reload magazines by creating a “taped double magazine”. Actually this isnt my idea, i saw it in the movie “The Veteran” (sorry for breaking any copyright issues of the film material, if you are interested in the movie please buy it).

You just need to tape 2 magazines together in the way the pictures display (the lower one facing downwards, following the curved shape of the upper one). This should allow the quickest reload time in comparison to relaod a mag out of your backpack / vest etc. plus it saves the 2 slots in your inventory for an extra mag. In my opinion it fits the genre and playstyle of the game better than just finding the military double mag. And as we already have duct tape and magazines…

If you like the idea please share/like this, cause i would love to be able to use these ingame.