• Wow.. good job devs… as if the game wasn’t frustrating enough, now its almost impossible.. thankfully I had stored up on food and ammo before the update.. this loot system sucks.. why don’t you people try adding in some vehicles that are useful, like a sedan or ORV. instead of OPing the zombies and taking away all the food.. But hey,, you have the millions we spent on the game so who cares right?

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    DayZ – Berrypicker Simulator 2015

  • I really like the rarity of loot but it really, REALLY needs fine tuning.

    I don’t care what anyone says, constantly being forced to stand still and press F to harvest fruit is NOT good gameplay. It is tedious beyond reason.

  • yea, only got this game a couple of weeks ago, was kinda cool last week, about ready to uninstall if this is how its gona be

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    Supposebly Brian hicks said everything is fine this is the way its suppose to be…but I think he has became rude to the community even demanual things so.. But I can tell you this is not how the game should be… Brian says go inland and if you can’t find anything hope servers wtf! What if I’m on private shard..they should have not got rid of non persistent servers!

    • Ignorant, incompetent idiots. Go play call of duty. This is dayz and it’s still very playable if you have the slightest clue how to loot. You can’t get geared in a half hour anymore which is how it should be. Explore, wander, search everywhere, survive. The mystery of where to find loot is the challenge and half the fun. Shut your 12 year old mouths or go play an easier game.

    • So when everyone picks the server cleans and leaves, just server hop until you find supplies. The devs are turd nuggets. The game should be playable on ONE SERVER, ANY GAME THAT REQUIRES PLAYING ON MULTIPLE SERVERS IS BROKEN. Period. Watching these people make a game is like watching a drunk ride a bike, they have an idea what they’re doing but obviously incapable of making the right choices.

  • That gun spawns in police cars now! Found 2 of those there + a 25round mag 😀

  • Yup confirmed… no loot at all anywhere 😀 well played well played

  • I had an m4 and ammo b4 patch So thats been keeping the zeds off me. fishing is reliable for food, make hooks outta any animal bones you can kill. Also the town inland seem just as barren as as coastal ones. Keep sewing kits on you to repair your clothing. Has anyone noticed ruined shoes affect your health now?

  • Dean Hall is as reliable as an old car. You just don’t understand how they could just ruin a already good game. How do the minds of these devs work? They must be on some form of drugs to mess up a game that is fine the way it is. Yes the new zombie AI is a good feature which will add a fair challenge to the game but this new loot system has damaged or even ruined the experience for hundreds of thousands of players and encourages server hopping in order to get food and water as well as a weapon to kill the zombies scattered across most towns. Come on devs you have turned dayz into massive buzz kill and you are going to lose players at this rate if you don’t fix your god dam game you bunch of incompetent fools. just fix the game and stop taking our money especially after raising the price on steam

  • You all suck the game isn’t hard… Boo hoo I can’t find food on the coast go searching you cunts