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Since there’s been lately some discussion about the HUD and limits of notification system I thought, I’d share something I’ve been working on lately. Even though I like the atmosphere the endless stream of messages creates and find it super effective in informing about results of my basic interactions with the world, I always find it to be not much suitable for delivering information about internal proceses of my character. After some time reading the messages gets tiring and in the end you avoid looking in that part of screen completely.

The basic system of icon in mod always seemed like the better option, it just needed few tweaks. Part of the reason why the icons was initialy abandoned was the fact, that in reality you never now how much percent of thirst you have. You can tell you are thirsty right now, or that you are gonna be in future if you continue sprinting, but that’s it. Similarly you can easily tell that you are loosing blood, but you don’t know how many liters of it are currently in your veins. That is somethig Peter finds extremely important.

What seems to be good solution is instead of showing current level of stat, just showing the tendency stat has. Simply said – whether it raises, depletes or don’t change. Such solution don’t push player in endless quest for filling up progress bars (beacuase there are none), but gives immediate feedback to actions player take.

As the game grows and systems are becoming much more complex interconnected and dependand on multiple variables, the nescessity to give such simple feedback seems obvious. By giving players this feedback you are making them able to understand how game systems works without leaving the game, just by observing few icons after taking the action.

Being sure what effect my actions have is twice as important in case of playing game in alpha stage where you could not be sure wheter thing doesn’t work becuase of design, bug or simply not being implemented yet.

What I will show below is my concept for such HUD. It’s result of discussion with Peter and Brian and Mark. It’s nothing finalized and I can even say that’s something we are going to implement. It’s something we’re evaluating now and I am pretty curious what you’ll think about it.

Feedback appreciated:


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    I agree with having some sort of HUD. But don’t make it to the point where it becomes too much like an MMO. We DayZ players like the real feel to the game. I want a health/hunger/thirst bar, and the ability to team up with people, and have names above their head so I don’t friendly fire my friends since we travel in such large groups it does happen.

  • I love this HUD interface in the fact its simple and not dull like the reoccurring word messages that never really identifies what going on with character, resorting to having to look at the UI of your inventory character health message! maybe not too cartoony, just a little more sleek! Perhaps for new players have a HUD guide system with details to HUD symbols indicating what they mean and be able to enable guide and disable guide. Symbols are pretty straight forward coming from a 3 1/2 year vet of Dayz, but not everybody has good intuition! plus a persons first experience to the game is a huge learning curve to almost any 3rd/1st fps game that has ever been created!

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    I do not like that idea at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <.< no good

  • Guys please don’t get so upset, this is a work in progress. If you just contact the devs and tell them what you like and dislike, they’ll most likely change it in a good way.

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    I like the concept of the Icons which will reflect the players in game status.

    It definitely beats having to pop-up the inventory screen to review the status.
    It also beats the new-ui which has no information what so ever regarding the health of the player.

    I think that using color as guide is better than using chevrons or arrows going up or down…
    Naturally using the existing color sceme…
    Green for Healthy/Normal Temp/Full Blood Level/Stuffed
    Amber for Average/Medium/ Hot/Cold/Low Blood Level/Not hungry not full (content)
    Red for Sick/Poorly/Overheating/Freezing/CriticalBlood Level/Starving

    Minimal Icons as opposed to too many or too little.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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    The developers are going in the right direction with this, but I feel we don’t need as many icons, notifications. Obviously the thirsty and hungry notifications that are usually in the inventory need to have their own icon bottom right, along with stamina which will be needed when bikes come in to play etc, also stance icon would be cool as I’m sure they will be working on animations, apart from that though no other icons needed

  • I’m not a fan of adding a HUD, To me the fun of the game was how hard it was, No player names, No HUD just you and your char, It’s a cool system, Don’t try to go to far from your roots. but with that being said, I do enjoy that the new HUD is very small, and out of the way. Maybe also add a feature to turn it off if you don’t want it on?