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Since there’s been lately some discussion about the HUD and limits of notification system I thought, I’d share something I’ve been working on lately. Even though I like the atmosphere the endless stream of messages creates and find it super effective in informing about results of my basic interactions with the world, I always find it to be not much suitable for delivering information about internal proceses of my character. After some time reading the messages gets tiring and in the end you avoid looking in that part of screen completely.

The basic system of icon in mod always seemed like the better option, it just needed few tweaks. Part of the reason why the icons was initialy abandoned was the fact, that in reality you never now how much percent of thirst you have. You can tell you are thirsty right now, or that you are gonna be in future if you continue sprinting, but that’s it. Similarly you can easily tell that you are loosing blood, but you don’t know how many liters of it are currently in your veins. That is somethig Peter finds extremely important.

What seems to be good solution is instead of showing current level of stat, just showing the tendency stat has. Simply said – whether it raises, depletes or don’t change. Such solution don’t push player in endless quest for filling up progress bars (beacuase there are none), but gives immediate feedback to actions player take.

As the game grows and systems are becoming much more complex interconnected and dependand on multiple variables, the nescessity to give such simple feedback seems obvious. By giving players this feedback you are making them able to understand how game systems works without leaving the game, just by observing few icons after taking the action.

Being sure what effect my actions have is twice as important in case of playing game in alpha stage where you could not be sure wheter thing doesn’t work becuase of design, bug or simply not being implemented yet.

What I will show below is my concept for such HUD. It’s result of discussion with Peter and Brian and Mark. It’s nothing finalized and I can even say that’s something we are going to implement. It’s something we’re evaluating now and I am pretty curious what you’ll think about it.

Feedback appreciated:


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    We’ve got a good grasp on sight, sound, taste(bad food, disinfectant) and touch (batteries). What is lacking? The ability to smell. Say there is a campfire nearby, dead rotting body, food being cooked…. etc. Realism in a game is determined by our ability to use our senses. Having a HUD to help sort things out doesn’t have to interrupt this form of connectivity. My prediction: with some proper feedback and development, this will enhance gameplay. I just want to be able to smell gunpowder or a sweaty nasty bandit who has spent the last hour running.

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    Well, I would like to see something which replace the chat-notifications. Icons could be a good replace, as long they fade out like the hotbar.

    It is necessary that the player become informed about such things like temperature changes. In RL you would feel if your body become cold or hot. Instead of the chat-notification “I feel hot” I would prefer a little icon which shows if the player feels overheated or freezes.

    However, the player presence indication, player icon and stamina bar should not be ingame, these information would really destroy a part of DayZ.

  • I get it. It is difficult to comprehend character status but it’s not impossible, it’s just difficult. Not everybody likes difficult but then again not everybody likes easy. Hard to say what percentage of players have been attracted to this game purely because immersion isn’t blocked by visual indicators. There must be a few, I’m one of them and I know how hard it is to find games of this ilk. That’s why I really hope DayZ doesn’t morph into something “normal”.

    Just turn the hud off! I hear you say. Ok; so I turn it off and DayZ, for me, remains as it is now? So some people turn off the hud and some people turn off the extant character status information feeds? Is that how this would work? Two different systems for delivering information to the player? Clearly not; this game couldn’t support two optional systems, it’s one or the other.

    Yes, this hud concept is subtle, it doesn’t wrap around the screen and it’s not full of clashing neons but it’s still an immersion breaker for me. Like I said, it’s hard to find hud free games, I thought DayZ is one of them, it would be a pity if it isn’t.

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    back to the essence of what was the dayz mod, I like

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    I love it, on one condition: you are able to customize what you can and cannot see on the HUD. For example, I can see already that stomach symbol will get annoying, and it is something I can see in the Tab menu already. I love the concept, but I feel like it needs some player input by allowing each client to customize the layout of the HUD (using this template of course) as that will make players feel heard as well as having a nice looking HUD 🙂

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    If they want to change the HUD, they should remove the crosshair first.

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    It looks great very useful to not go back and forth to inventory screen, but however I think there should be some things that should be taken off of it like Stamina bar, and Player Presence Indicator. Sure UI huds are in the way and less immersive but its a quickest way to tell what player conditions are like how you would be able to tell what your conditions are in real life, you may not see it but you would notice or feel it.