Shared by Cl3mson on October 27, 2015

Want players that constantly run all across Chernarus?
Come to Ethix Gaming!
We are a very close community with a very prestigious DayZ group. The community as a whole has over 1700 members and about 400 of them DayZ. All though not all of them are active, we do have a lot of players who still play the stand alone and several who play the mod. All we ask is that you come stop by and see if you like rolling with a very organized group whether we are doing PVP or just looting up for a big run. We play ethically and we take each situation differently whether it be by killing on sight or by asking if the player on the other side is friendly. You have to be 18 to be a member but you can play with us any time even if you are younger.
Come to our teamspeak at
Or visit our website at!
Tell them Cl3mson sent you and stay safe out there in Chernarus!