Pathfinding exterior

The red dots indicate the start and end points of the path solution. Note that the generated navmesh correctly navigates around all world objects (such as fences).

Pathfinding over multiple levels

Note the red pathfinding line that indicates a path has correctly been discovered to the next level.

Pathfinding exterior

The navmesh covers all types of terrain and all objects

Pathfinding for interiors

Note that navigation mesh is included for interiors. In this screenshot, the proxy objects (furniture) has not been included in the nav mesh check, but this is planned for the future.

High precision over large distances

Note there is some “Z-fighting” in this screenshot, but it shows how a chunk of the navmesh looks when lined up with a small village.

Pathfinding into buildings

The red line indicates the chosen path.

Complex navmesh

Even very complex objects have their navmesh generated.